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Re: [Scouter_T] New Leader Essentials

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  • Jim
    ... Yes. ...Why? Do Commissioners do all the training in your Council?? This is a training course just like any other basic training course. It is a
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 26, 2002
      David D. Vaughan wrote:

      >Quick question: New Leader essentials is the responsibility of the
      >District Training staff, correct? I realize that the training is included
      >in the training Kits but it seems to be a Commissioner responsibility.
      Yes. ...Why? Do Commissioners do all the training in your Council??
      This is a training course just like any other "basic" training course.
      It is a required part of the "basic" training of any adult leader, and
      as such, should fall under the responsibility of your district training
      staff. In fact, the majority of the material in this course used to be
      folded in the "basic training" courses of the past (Cub Leader Basic &

      Now, having said that, the Commissioners staff could easily give this
      training, especially when you consider that its recommended to take
      place within 30 days and right after "Fast Start"; and, if they are
      close to the units, as a "friend" they could easily perform this
      service. It really depends on how your district is set up to deliver
      training in general and the strength of your commissioners corps in
      particular. Traditionally, commissioners have always been strong in
      training, often holding positions on both staffs. In our district, we
      have a strong training team and a weak commissioners staff. We put this
      training on 6-8 times a year, including with every set of "position
      (leader) specific" training for Cub Scout leaders, events we call "Super
      Saturdays" because all five courses are given simultaneously, right
      after a joint NLE session. If we had a strong commissioners staff, this
      could easily be given by either or both staffs.

      It is our District's training team's long term goal to allow/promote
      this training to take place at the unit level, if there are people
      qualified to do this (read Pack/Troop trainers trained by the district
      training team).

      Hope this sheds some light on National's intent. Like many things in
      Scouting, it's ultimately more important that someone qualified put this
      training on, than to worry about who's turf its on.
      Jim ball
      Sand Lake District Training chair
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