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Activities to use at Training Events

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  • Dee Dee Cobb
    Here are some activities you might find a place to use, have fun! ******************* Participants Let Frustrations Fly Before Getting Down to Business
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2001
      Here are some activities you might find a place to use, have fun!

      Participants Let Frustrations Fly Before Getting Down to Business

      Participants do their best work when they “store their baggage” before
      training begins. Provide balloons for storage. Each participant gets to let
      go of some common and some not-so-common concerns: impending deadline; a
      rough commute; children’s schedule for day. Any potential stresses will do.
      With each suggestion, tell participants to blow into their balloons,
      matching the amount of air to the “weight” of each particular concern.
      Conclude by letting participants add some air for any unmentioned concerns.

      Ask everyone to hold the air in his or her balloons, but not tie them. They
      hold their balloons above their heads, and on your cue, release them. It
      creates a lot of noise, and everyone is relaxed and has a laugh. It sets the
      tone for the day.

      Try these at your training this fall. Use as wake-up calls when meetings get
      long or folks need a breather. Have everyone imitate the actions of the
      story as the leader reads.

      With all the changes in training taking place in the next year or
      two...there is bound to be some resistance! Try this to introduce change to
      your training team or whomever it makes sense.

      Change Agents: Ordinary Stuff Becomes Fun Goo

      Most people, when they hear the word “change,” see negative images. To
      illustrate that change doesn’t have to be a bad thing, combine several
      ingredients----none of them likely to be considered “fun” by
      participants----to create a new substance. The resultant material is so much
      fun, participants have trouble putting it down. It is called “GAK."

      Here is how it is made:
      In front of your audience, mix one cup of cold water and one cup of Elmer’s
      school glue. (It has to be Elmer’s to ensure chemical success.) A clear
      mixing bowl works best, so participants can see the project.

      Explain that these are ordinary ideas representative of our ordinary daily
      thoughts and routines.

      Then mix the elements of change ---- one tablespoon of borax in ½ cup very
      hot water (if no microwave oven is handy, try heating water on a hot plate
      or in a coffee maker). Stir the mixture until the Borax is thoroughly

      Finally, pour the “change elements” into the “routine elements.” They
      instantly transform into a putty-like substance. It’s fun to stretch, it
      snaps when pulled, it bounces, it squishes between one’s fingers…and the
      whole is nothing like any of its parts.

      The lesson: change can bring results that are not only unforeseen, but more
      fun than you might have imagined ---- only there is no way to know what the
      result will be until you introduce the change agents.

      Take A Break! Find ways to give participants a break for a few seconds by
      stretching or doing something at their seat.

      “The Stretcher”
      The traveler stood up;
      He looked to the North,
      Then he looked to the South,
      Then to the East,
      And to the West,
      Then he turned to the South,
      And he turned around to face the East.
      Then he stood on tiptoes
      To see over his neighbor’s shoulder.
      But he could see nothing.
      He felt tired,
      So he sat down.

      “The Exerciser”
      The exerciser stood up tall,
      And stretched his arms from wall to wall.
      He put his hands way up high,
      Then down again beside each thigh.
      He put his chin upon his chest,
      Then he pulled it far back on his neck to rest.
      Then he reached down and touched the ground,
      And, then he turned himself once around.
      Then, with his hands he touched his feet,
      And, then quietly he took his seat.

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