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Re: Troop Committee Training

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  • wsmery
    ... Training *AND* the Committee training? My question is would there be a big benefit for someone who has had one to also take the other ... or the
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 8, 2002
      --- In scouter_t@y..., JNDunnMN@a... wrote:
      > Mike asked:
      > >Is there anyone in this group who has taken BOTH the >Basic Leader
      Training *AND* the Committee training? >My question is would there be
      a big benefit for >someone who has had one to also take the other
      > >course?
      > Mike - by Basic Leader Training, do you mean New Leader Essentials
      or the Scoutmaster Training. Everyone, committee members included,
      needs to take NLE.
      > Depending on a committee member's position, I think the taking the
      Scoutmaster course might be useful - to give a better understanding of
      the differing roles of the positions. In particular, the Committee
      Chair, and Advancement member IMO would benefit from taking the
      Scoutmaster portion.
      > YiS,
      > Jamie Dunn
      > P.512
      > Pack Trainer
      > Blaine/Coon Rapids, MN
      > Cub Scout Training Chair
      > 3 Rivers District

      When my district first offered Troop Committee Challenge early 2001,
      it was offered as an optional piece of Scoutmaster Training.

      Several of our committee members attended (of which I was one at the
      time), two women, and they loved the Scout Basic Training! Through
      seeing Scout Basic, the committee members eyes were opened to the huge
      amount of work a Scoutmaster must coordinate. It gave them a much
      greater appreciation for what the committee can (indeed should) do for
      the Scoutmaster.

      We have unfortunately opted not to continue the combination, because
      of the lack of time needed to complete the basic syllabus.

      I was very excited when I first heard about TCC in 2000 and couldn't
      wait to see it get rolled out. It is SO badly needed. Think about
      how many people are on the troop committee (or should be) and
      how much work need to be done to put on a great program, versus how
      many Scoutmasters a troop normally has. The committee is so terribly
      important, but often overlooked, even neglected.

      You will find an *excellent* Power Point version of the training at

      Wayne Mery
      Scoutmaster, Troop 242
      Ex-District Chairman, North Valley District, Minsi Trails Council
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