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Re: [Scouter_T] The Screen Saver Virus

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  • Stu Allen
    ... Actually that is *NOT* the case -- if you double-click on the attachment it will run, and infect your PC. Additionally, if you have the preview pane
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 5, 2001
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      John Oliphant said:
      > None of us are protected from this virus by Protector Plus, Norton, or
      > whatever. That is, until *they* identify it, add it to their list, and
      > *you* update your protection. In the meantime if you execute that
      > attachment you'll regret it. Fortunately this one isn't easy to
      > execute...you have to copy the attachment into the folder containing
      > your other screen savers, but first you have to know where to find that
      > folder.

      Actually that is *NOT* the case -- if you 'double-click' on the attachment
      it will run, and infect your PC. Additionally, if you have the 'preview
      pane' turned on in Outlook (if that is your mail client) the worm will
      fire if you preview the message!

      > This is the nature of viruses and worms. You cannot be protected until
      > your protection knows about them. And, usually they come from people you
      > know.

      That much is true, however as John states there ARE things you can do to
      protect yourself. I would add to his list:

      1) If you are using Microsoft Outlook as your email client, TURN OFF
      the preview pane, and leave it off!

      2) Make sure your PC has anti-virus software on it, and UPDATE THE DAT
      FILES! All the major vendors put out updates almost daily (if not more
      often) and they are either free or available by subscription. That
      anti-virus program you are running is useless if the signature files are
      not up-to-date. It is amazing how many copies of things like the original
      Melissa and Love Bug viruses are still circulating because people either
      don't have anti-virus software or haven't updated their .dat files
      recently, if ever.

      And to re-emphasize what John said, don't open ANY attachment from ANYONE
      unless you are expecting it! Most of these worms use your own address book
      as a source of new target email addresses, so often they *will* come from
      someone you know.

      Here's a site with more info on this worm:


      Note that one thing it does (besides remailing itself) is attempt to disable
      any anti-virus software running on the PC ....


      Stu Allen email: allensr@...
      CM/MC Pack/Troop 92
      Spencerport NY
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