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Re: District Cub Scout Training Chairman Question

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  • David Gross
    ... training ... This is one of my scouting roles, which I am in the process of recruiting a replacement. So, I d love to answer :-) ... This of course varies
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 5, 2001
      --- In scouter_t@y..., "Jon T. Patten" <jpatten1@m...> wrote:
      > Hi Folks,
      > I've just been asked by my DE to be the district cub scout
      > chair. Trying to find some background on the job before I say yes or
      > no. Could you answer the following questions?

      This is one of my scouting roles, which I am in the process of
      recruiting a replacement. So, I'd love to answer :-)
      > 1. What does the time commitment involve in this position?
      This of course varies with your district's training plan, and your
      participation in it. I committed to organize 3 NLEs, 3 Cub Leader
      Training, 1 BALOO, and 1 WLOT this year. I choose to be on staff for
      as many of these as my schedule permits, but the training goes on if I
      am unavailable. I also staffed Boy Scout Leader training (my "base"
      Scouting role is SA). Over and above actually staffing the course, I
      spend around 4 hours preparing each course (BALOO was more, because it
      was new). Much of that time is recruiting new trainers (see next).

      > 2. Who, if anyone do you have reporting to you? In other
      > words, do you have someone who is responsible for Youth
      > Protection training, Basic Leader Training, BALOO and
      > WLOT? Do you have an assistant?
      About the only thing I'd claim to have improved in district is the
      number of qualified and participating Cub Trainers, and I think this
      is essential to success in any trainer chair role. For Cub trainer, I
      have two complete teams (a Blue team, and a Gold team, just like the
      US Navy & Crews), which reduces the load on everyone. I have 10
      participating Cub trainers right now.

      Since another one of my roles is as CS RTC, I started with my RT
      Staff. I told each as I recruited them that I expected that they
      would staff at least one Cub Leader Training, at their choice. The
      other source I use is the Unit Commissioner's assigned to packs. I
      think serving on training staff is a big help to both RT staff & UCs
      in performing their roles.

      > 3. What are some of the problems one would run into in this
      > position? Is getting volunteers an issue?
      Yep, just like any other Scouting role. I think Scouters who desire &
      are able to help Scouts INDIRECTLY (through helping other Scouters)
      are rare, so I tend to treat them "special", trying to make my
      expectations clear, and makign sure no one person is overloaded. I
      have refused some persons help who were already overloaded, and those
      folks will now do anything I ask. You certainly will need to focus on
      recruiting trainers -- and not everyone who is willing makes a good

      > 4. How much of the job involves paperwork which needs to be
      > turned into council?
      Not much around here, other than the "trained" cards and trainign
      rosters that go to council.

      > 5. What meetings do you have to attend on the district/council
      > level?
      I don't HAVE to attend any, our district training chair who I report
      to attends district committee and our council training events. We
      conduct a goodly amount of business (such as calendar planning) via
      e-mail. I do attend some district meetings (they are very nice to
      invite me), and I attend the obvious council levels events (new
      training roll out and Trainer Development Conference).

      > 6. Who do you report to in your district/council and what
      > level of support do you get from them?
      I report to the Chair of our District Training Chair, who in turn
      reports to the District Chair. He backs me up completely, but is not
      quite as proactive as I'd like. He has another Scouter who has the
      same role I do for Boy Scout training. Right now, all Venturer
      training is out of district.

      All though you probably won't report to them, you need to consider
      your relationship with the CS RTC & the ADC for CS. These folks can
      be a big help or a big pain.

      Also given that the new WB course is more integrated program, you need
      to think and ask how expectations that may exist for the Cib Trainer
      with regard to WB (e.g., I'm on staff for our next council course).

      > Thanks,
      > Jon Patten

      I think this is a great role, if your interests lie in training, and
      if your interests lie in helping other Scouters (which I think is
      harder than helping Scouts). I certainly have found it very
      satisfying. Godspeed.



      David Gross

      SA T-142, CS RTC, DTC, UC
      Eagle/3, AOL, OA/B
      "I used to be a fox, ..."
    • Hank Voegtle
      ... I can figure everything except Eagle/3? Whazzit?
      Message 2 of 6 , Nov 5, 2001
        At 11:45 PM 11/5/2001 +0000, you wrote:
        >SA T-142, CS RTC, DTC, UC
        >Eagle/3, AOL, OA/B
        >"I used to be a fox, ..."

        I can figure everything except Eagle/3? Whazzit?
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