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Re: [Scouter_T] CS Training Chair ? Resources

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  • cristi@2getnoticed.com
    Jon: Thank you for considering the job carefully and asking questions so that you know what you are saying yes to! In order to answer your questions, you
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2001
      Thank you for considering the job carefully and asking questions so that
      you know what you are saying 'yes' to! In order to answer your
      questions, you really have to find out what your district and council
      do. Below your questions are my [comments.]

      Available from National Supply, there are two official places to get
      specific reference to your question:
      Leadership Training Plans, Procedures & Materials WW34169E $5.00
      District Committee Training Workshop WW34160B $5.00

      1) The Leadership Training guidebook is designed to answer all these
      questions. It has a 'roadmap' of how the training committee should
      function, specific references to materials and supporting program areas.
      2) The District Committee Training Workshop teaches how your district is
      supposed to function and has a session in there specific to management
      of a district training program. All the material can be applied to the
      whole district or council, as well as the specific program area you are
      serving. If your council has this program, find out when it's offered
      and attend at your earliest convenience. If it's not offered, ask why
      not and do it for yourself in your district as soon as possible.

      Best Immediate Reference: Your District Training Chairman - this person
      has specific responsibility to train you in your position and is
      responsible for the success of the district training program. It may be
      that your district executive has asked you directly because this
      position is not active.

      RUN, don't wait to get this material and help if you hope to be
      successful and follow the national training model.

      Your District Executive should be working through the following 'chain
      of command' for your district in recruiting you...
      District Chairman, recruits the District Program Chair to build his
      team serving the Camping, Activities/Civic Service, Advancement and
      Training portions of the district; The District Training Chair recruited
      by the Program Chair should be recruiting a team of people to handle Cub
      Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity, Venturing, Youth Protection, and other

      It's great that your District Executive is well-connected to the program
      and obviously has seen in you a valuable addition to the team.

      Work back through this person to find out who you 'answer' to and then
      who might be in place that already are 'into' Cub Scout Training.
      Then, do all you can to build a team of people that work together to
      serve every pack in your district. It would be your job to recruit,
      train, motivate, and replace ineffective volunteers, that serve the Cub
      Scout Packs in your district.

      On this list, you will find many of us that have a very long time of
      service that 'walk the talk' and are willing to help you get launched in
      the right direction.
      Find out how your council and district expect the job to be done,
      compare that to the national model in the printed materials, then let us
      know what your challenges are. We'll do our best to help you through it!

      my [comments] below

      scouter_t@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      > 1. District Cub Scout Training Chairman Question
      > From: "Jon T. Patten" <jpatten1@...>

      > Message: 1
      > Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2001 10:38:01 -0500
      > From: "Jon T. Patten" <jpatten1@...>
      > Subject: District Cub Scout Training Chairman Question
      > Hi Folks,
      > I've just been asked by my DE to be the district cub scout training
      > chair. Trying to find some background on the job before I say yes or
      > no. Could you answer the following questions?
      > 1. time commitment?

      [ this completely depends on how your training committee is structured}

      > 2. reporting to you?

      [ you may have the whole team of cub scout trainers, or just overall
      coordination that it happens ]

      b. Do you have an assistant?

      [ always work with 2-deep leadership and be training your replacement if
      you get an opportunity to do something different, you can easily accept
      the challenge, knowing you have a team in place to manage in your
      absence. personally, this has saved our district numerous times!
      sometimes life happens! you need to be prepared for that and should be
      training your replacement. ]

      > 3. a. problems?

      [ depends on what you see as problems and what you see as opportunities
      - usually, it's reaching your audience and serving them what they need ]

      > b. Is getting volunteers an issue?

      [ depends on how you invite them and how often you do so, how you reward
      them for the job they do, and how much fun it is to be a part of it all]

      > 4. paperwork?

      [ depends on your council/district requirements ]

      > 5. meetings... district/council level?

      [ should be a monthly district program meeting with a training breakout
      and a council training committee that meets to serve the needs in the
      council ]

      > 6. Who do you report to in your district/council and what
      > level of support do you get from them?

      [ each district is encouraged to form a committee to manage training.
      some do, some don't. in our council and in my district, we have a
      highly functional training committee that models the national program as
      prescribed in the books. the council does what the districts can't do
      for themselves. the district does what the units can't do for
      themselves... we have council Trainer's Development, District Committee
      Training Workshop, and successful council-wide training. we are also
      one of the largest council's in the country. ]

      In the words of one of my on-line scouting buddies:
      "your mileage may vary"

      I hope this helps you see what resources are available.
      Good luck! Again, thank you for asking about what it should be. If
      more people would do that, our program would be more successful
      everywhere! You'll make a great trainer!

      Yours in Scouting,
      Cristi Wilkins
      Training Chairs Director, Council Training Cabinet
      Venturing Vice-Chair Program, Venturing Cabinet
      Cascade Pacific Council, Portland, Oregon
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