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weekly roundtables

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  • raymondmom
    Actually, there are weekly roundtables within 15-20 miles of my home :) The District that I am registered in does YPT monthly at the roundtable, it seems to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2001
      Actually, there are weekly roundtables within 15-20 miles of my home :) The
      District that I am registered in does YPT monthly at the roundtable, it
      seems to me about a half dozen people attend.

      The demographics of Sean's district should change in the next few years.
      Well, at least if someone forms packs in all the new housing tracts. Since
      I've moved, I'll be forming another new pack in my development. Evidently,
      the Cubs stagnated in this city (well, it's called a city) and there are no
      packs there are no packs left.

      Sean, are you available for promotional tours? I could secure fire

      Joanne Walker
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      > Rick asked: How in the world do you do that? Two roundtables a month,
      plus repeating the same training twice a month is so far outside my
      experience that I have to ask. How many youth/units in your district?
      Urban, suburban, or rural? How many attend roundtable? At what point would
      you go to having roundtables every week? :)
      > Rick,
      > I often ask myself the same question!
      > We have about 6,000 youth in about 150 units in a mixed suburban/rural
      area that measures roughly 30 miles north-south, 40 miles east-west, and
      about 65-70 miles or so from the southwest corner (where I live) to the
      northeast corner. That's as the crow flies. Getting from west to east (or
      vice versa) is via one of a two or three two lane country roads. Our size is
      the result of two districts being merged a few years back due to one having
      lots of money and members and the other little of either.
      > We run a roundtable in each "half" of the district, east and west. The
      east RT attracts about 30 Scouters each month. Last month the west RT had
      almost 150, but I think that was in part to an attendance building promotion
      where we gave away toy Yodas. (Say it fast...) Average attendance for the
      west side is typically 110 or so. Our RT's are combined Cub, Boy, Venture
      and Varsity.
      > East RT Cub attendance is lower than Boy Scout. This last week they had 4
      Cub leaders, with the balance in Boy Scouting. West RT is the opposite, with
      almost 90 Cub leaders, about 40 Boy Scout, and the balance in
      Venture/Varsity. (During the summer the east side practically shuts down,
      and the west side gets about 60 people total.)
      > Each RT has a person singly responsible for running YPT each month. That's
      their only duty on the training team. In the east, we train 3-5 people a
      month, and in the west we'll get from 10-30.
      > As the CSRTC and training chair I'm technically in charge of both RT's,
      but there are staff members and commissioners on the east side that really
      run their program. I can usually only make it to the east side event every
      other month. I have a total of ten staff for CSRT (4 east and 6 west), plus
      two YPT trainers, breakout leaders for west Varsity and Venture, and staff
      for commissioner and Boy Scout breakouts at both.
      > Now, weekly roundtables is an idea I hadn't thought of...Thanks! I'll need
      more staff of course! Maybe we could run one in the north and one is the
      > Sean Scott
      > Training Chairman
      > Cub Roundtable Commissioner
      > Day Camp Director, Tahquitz District
      > Family FOS Chairman, California Inland Empire Council
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