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RE: [Scouter_T] Getting Scouters to Roundtable

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    I have been Roundtable Commissioner for the last 4 years and have been very successful in revitalizing our roundtable that was much the same shape that yours
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 20, 2013
      I have been Roundtable Commissioner for the last 4 years and have been very
      successful in revitalizing our roundtable that was much the same shape that
      yours was. We got maybe 6 to 8 of the good old boys coming and sitting
      around shooting the bull.

      Here is what I have done:

      - For three months in a row we offer two Eagle required merit badges and one
      non-Eagle required merit badges for Scouts. I limit the class size to 15
      and have extra adult help for the counselor. In most cases we offer two
      classes for each merit badge so we serve about 60 to 70 boys a quarter to
      work on merit badges. I am an Eagle Scout and believe that all merit badges
      need to be earned and not given. With the number of boys we require that
      they complete the Merit Badge worksheet available on line and require them
      to complete this so that the counselor can be sure that they have done the
      necessary work. It is impossible to have 15 boys give 15 different answers
      to discussion questions so the use of the worksheet is great. I provide the
      counselor with a complete roster for the class with address, phone, email
      and Scoutmaster information to the counselor. I also provide the counselor
      with an excel spreadsheet with the requirements listed and the boys name so
      that they can keep a record of the progress of each boy(this is the way to
      do it as there will be some that won't complete the merit badge in the time
      frame and you need the records). We also use the blue cards. I am sure
      that you understand that you can't do all of the work in the class and that
      there is outside work necessary to complete a merit badge.

      Registration is handled online by sending me an email. I accept email
      registrations only. I use the time stamp on the email to determine who gets
      in and who is on the waiting list. I set the merit badges for the
      roundtables from September through May so that everyone can make the
      necessary plans. I open the registration on the first of the month prior to
      each quarterly roundtable and I close it on the 15th of that month. That
      gives me time to send the boys information and to get the information to the
      counselor. I keep a waiting list in case someone drops out. I always
      respond to the boy and his scoutmaster if he has been accepted for the merit

      - We also offer one Webelos Activity pin at each Roundtable and we get 20 to
      30 Cub Scouts participating.

      - Venturing. We don't have many Venture Crews so we don't do anything for
      them but as we continue to get more crews that will be an added feature.

      - In the Adult Roundtable sessions we offer two sessions that are each 30
      minutes long. There are normally 5 to 6 sessions so that an adult could
      pick up two sessions. The sessions have to be geared to information that is
      attractive to the adults. That is a topic for another post. Maybe we are
      wrong in not following the Program Guides for Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting
      but are units tend to do their own thing.

      - You ask how does this improve attendance at your roundtables? The boys
      need to get there and get home so most of the adults that provide the
      transportation stay for the Adult Roundtable sessions. Four years ago we
      averaged at most 10 people coming to Roundtable. This year we have averaged
      50 to 60 adults, 20 to 30 Webelos and 60 to 75 Boy Scouts.

      - We also have monthly drawings for door prizes for the youth and adults in
      attendance. At the May Roundtable we have a drawing for some nice door
      prizes. At the May roundtable drawing, the adults earn chances in the
      drawings based on attendance at the roundtables during the year. This is an
      added bonus that encourages attendance throughout the year as we give some
      really nice prizes.

      We have really had great participation from our merit badge counselors and
      they are having a good time working with the boys.


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      I am looking for ideas on how to get Scouters to Roundtable . . . possibly
      with ideas of what might attract them. Our RT is DEAD.


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