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re: Trainer's Edge, IOLS PPT's, Colored loops

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  • Mike Clark
    This would be a good time to chime in on current topics: 1. Trainer s EDGE - it is clear to me why the need for WB 21st and NYLT folks. District & Council
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2012
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      This would be a good time to "chime in" on current topics:

      1. Trainer's EDGE - it is clear to me why the need for WB 21st
      and NYLT folks. District & Council level trainer, great idea!

      Everyone else, better idea but there are some components of
      TTT and TDC which are still applicable.

      2. IOLS PPT's - the very thought is redundant; hands-on instruction,
      outdoors or indoors if weather does not cooperate. A ppt for Campfire
      instruction defeats the purpose to having a campfire.

      PPT is useful to introduce Safety topics, LNT, etc. But, not the
      Scoutcraft stuff, Cooking, etc.

      3. Loops - a couple suggestions - get the multi-colored ribbon, cut & sew
      to size; a red-white-blue pattern would be most fitting. The Yellow/Au loops
      would raise eyebrows by Council-level personnel.

      Better yet, simply cut the loop holder off the uniform and be done with it!

      The blaze red added a nice contrasting color to the drabby khaki uniform.

      Lastly, I once knew a Troop which made their own loops from multi-colored
      ribbon resembling the color spectrum of white light. Raised eyebrows wherever
      they went. Don't remember who their Chartering Organization is/was but sure
      it was a Church organization.

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