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    As a one of four LNT trainers in our troop (three boys trained along with myself). it s not that hard, expensive, or really time consuming for what you get
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      As a one of four LNT trainers in our troop (three boys trained along with
      myself). it's not that hard, expensive, or really time consuming for what
      you get out of it. Each of our trainers who have completed it have also
      taken NYLT and been on staff for NYLT so this was a perfect continuation of
      something they enjoyed.

      You really need to review the training, read and understand the materials
      as the training does more then discuss the 7 principals. It goes into why it
      is important, how we as a nation got into the situation of now needing this
      and what will happen if we don't. It covers the whole ethical side for it
      and what we as trainers can do to help fix it. This is just not a BSA

      In our council we have three very active master trainers and that is a
      blessing. Each of our LNT training courses is booked up (in 2010 I could
      not take it as the slots were taken up by youth so I had to wait until
      spring 2011). In the 16 hours there is about 3 hours of true classroom
      style training that is covered up front in our council. Remember this
      trains people to become trainers and teachers of LNT so involves more than
      just covering the principals. In our council we also strongly recommend
      that everybody who is interested in taking LNT also take Trainers Edge to
      help improve/learn training skills.

      Part of the training for LNT is to actually design, build and present
      training on one of the seven principals to the group. So it takes time to
      do this, which is given between the class room portion and outdoor training
      portion. When our master trainers schedule ours it always happens to start
      before and finish after our councils Trainers Edge offering so those that
      also take Trainers Edge can learn those skills and build a good solid
      training presentation, and practice it at Trainers Edge.

      As trainee's we are then taken on the trail and at locations along the way
      we are allowed to give our presentations while learning many of the
      principals. The camp we use for this also happens to have very good
      examples of why practicing many of these LNT principals becomes important.
      Many of the presentation of areas that are selected show evidence of where
      these principals were not followed so it really sinks in when teaching

      Please don't knock the training or it's duration until you have taken it.
      There are many parts of the country where this is very important and those
      areas are expanding to include more and more of the wilderness as time goes

      Fred Skrotzki

      P.S. We have found that our boys have been asked by other organizations to
      come present mini versions of the principals and/or one expanded
      presentation on just one area. This becomes one of the really rewarding
      things for the boys as they are sought out and asked to come and do
      something they learned.


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      The point here is ,due the the 16 hours of training most units will not fill
      the position or not train the scout for the position. Better to just add
      someting position specific to the Troop Leader Training materials to cover
      what a troop needs to know about LNT (such as making sure scout leaders keep
      their cars on parking lots). Much more effective to get the word out and
      much cheaper.

      Herb d

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