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Re: [Scouter_T] Access to Filestore

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  • Jamie Niss Dunn
    Pete - you re welcome - always glad to use my professional skills in aid of Scouters! Play with it
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 31, 2011
      <<but you taught me how to do an advanced Google search.>>

      Pete - you're welcome - always glad to use my professional skills in aid of Scouters!

      Play with it some more. You can do lots of other things.

      Do you remember seeing a PowerPoint presentation or a PDF document, but a general search gives you irrelevant hits? Use the "format" drop down to narrow the results to just that file extension.

      Need a clip art image for a flyer? Use the advanced image search and specify "clip art". Or you've got a logo, and when you blow it up on you document it pixilates, because its low resolution? Specifiy that the image be "Medium" or "Large" - you'll get a better resolution image. One of my favorite searches - when I want to change my wallpaper, I do an advanced image search for "cherry blossoms" and then click the link "Use my desktop size". This automatically finds images that will fit on the extremely large monitors we have at work (they got a deal on a bunch of mega monitors)

      You can limit Google News searches to specific date ranges, or only for a particular geographic area, or shopping searches to a particular price range.

      Google is great, but as you know, you get millions of hits. Advanced search makes it so more useful.

      Jamie Niss Dunn
      Pack Trainer, Pack 512
      Blaine/Coon Rapids, MN
      Troop Committee, Troop 509
      Ham Lake, MN
      Secretary, Crew 849
      Coon Rapids, MN
      Cub Scout Training Coordinator
      Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
      Three Rivers District

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