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Philmont Training Center -:- Conference of Interest for Youth Training Advocates

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  • Ken
    Dear Scout Training Colleagues: We are seeking your help in alerting local council and district training chairs to the Philmont Training Center conference,
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      Dear Scout Training Colleagues:

      We are seeking your help in alerting local council and district training chairs to the Philmont Training Center conference, "The Youth Leader Training Continuum." The conference will take place this summer from June 19-25.

      The course description from the PTC website is:

      This course provides an overview of the content and flow for youth leadership training, beginning with unit level Introduction to Leadership Skills courses and moving up through council and national-level leadership courses such as National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT), National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) and Kodiak. It provides a total understanding of youth training and an outline where each course works in the youth training curriculum. Conferees will gain understanding of where every course fits, how to leverage each of them and how to ensure the best course is available for our youth and our nation. Open to Boy Scout, Varsity, Venturing and Sea Scouting leaders.

      * * *

      During the summer of 2010, we delivered a prototype version of this course and had considerable success helping our participants to emerge from the conference as ambassadors for youth leader training. We will help Scouters learn about the entire continuum of youth leader training available in the BSA and how these elements interact to create the best leadership development program available to young people. Our participants will leave the course as youth training advocates who will return to their home councils, districts, and units prepared to make a difference.

      To accomplish this, we seek your assistance in sharing this information with local council training chairs, and likewise encourage them to share with local council- and district-level Scouters with an interest in youth leader training. We would direct you and interested council and district level Scouters to the MyScouting portal to register for the conference: http://www.myscouting.org

      We would be more than happy to provide more information regarding this course and our goals for our participants.

      In service,

      Pattie Sauer
      Voyageur's Area Council

      Ken King
      Three Fires Council

      Pattie Sauer is a board member in the Voyageur's Area Council (Hermantown, MN). She has been an NYLT course director, a Wood Badge course director, and has held a variety of Council positions. Professionally, Pattie operates LEADERS IN MOTION, a coaching and training business focused on executive leadership.

      Ken King is a Scouter in the Three Fires Council (St. Charles, IL). He has been a JLTC course director, Wood Badge course director, contributed content to the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience and updated Kodiak course syllabi. He has also served as an adult leader with NAYLE during its first two years of implementation. Professionally, Ken is a professor of education, specializing in preparing science teachers.
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