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  • David Gottshall
    While the Test Out option has been available for IOLS for sometime now, there are significant reasons why it should NOT be used. Irrespective to how well it is
    Message 1 of 38 , Mar 1, 2011
      While the Test Out option has been available for IOLS for sometime now, there are significant reasons why it should NOT be used.

      Irrespective to how well it is done, the Test Out provision short changes even the most qualified adult.

      From the IOLS syllabus.

      The program structures participation much like a Boy Scout troop from the buddy system to the patrol method, the course uses familiar techniques to help convey the fun and fellowship of Scouting, the knowledge leaders need to fulfill their roles successfully, and to reinforce safety issues. Scouters delight in sharing their personal experiences, and each individual benefits from the interaction and group enthusiasm. Leaders feel reassured knowing that others have the same interests, needs, and concerns in delivering the best possible program to their units.

      While many believe that outdoor leader skills only include things that are on the check list; camp craft skills. The reason why the course was developed and the training techniques utilized was to provide much, much more ... things that are much more important to both the development of the adult leader and the scouts under their change.

      - modeling a Boy Scout troop;
      - modeling the Patrol Method;
      - adult leader fun and fellowship;
      - shared experiences; and
      - group interaction and dynamics.

      There are several reasons that adult leaders claim to need this option:

      1. I don't have time to take the either the weekend course or the two full day course. While most of us have time constraints, you really need to look in the mirror if you can not put side the time "once in your adult scouting career" to take the time to experience and benefit from the full value of the full course.

      2. My council does not offer the course when I can take it. With training moving into the required category, both leaders and councils need to work together to provide more opportunities and leveraging the offerings of neighboring councils. Annual planning to develop training calendars is critical to success. Publication and promotion of dates is a must.

      3. I know all about camp craft skills. See above, Marian's comments, and the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

      Adult leaders are not the only party in this. District and council training committees are also complicit. Too few trainers, too few courses ... names on organization charts that are place holders ... very little rubber on the tires ... not much traction.

      So ... we have the Weekend course, Two Full Day course, Test Out option, and personal mentoring.

      Just because it is allowed does not make it best or even good ... just acceptable.

      Is that really good enough?

      Dave Gottshall

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      I have just recently joined the group and thought I would respond to this topic. But first, let me introduce myself.

      I am Paula Ball, the training chair for the Northwest District of Erie Shores Council in Toledo, Ohio. I have been involved with scouts since my son was a Tiger Cub 8 years ago. Like everyone else here, I have held various positions over the years including not only District Training Chair, but various Pack positions as well as Cub Roundtable Chair and University of Scouting Chair for the last 6 years and counting...

      Now, in response to the topic...

      In Erie Shores Council we have two systems in place for the test-out option.

      System 1 is a series of workstations at Summer Camp similar to what Marian describes for Boston Minuteman Council.

      Sytem 2 is for those leaders who cannot go to Summer Camp or cannot find the time to go through the workstations at Summer Camp. It is very similar to the merit badge concept. There is an IOLS Blue Card that predisplays all of the IOLS skills. Any SM or ASM wanting to test out can obtain an IOLS card and list of examiners from their training chair and then make arrangements to meet with the examiners at their leasure to go over the various skills. We have multiple examiners who are considered experts in the different skill areas who work with the SM/ASM.

      As with Marian's scenario, if the SM/ASM can satisfactorily demonstrate that they know and can teach a skill the examiner signs off on whichever section is being tested. If they don't feel that the individual knows the skill well enough to teach it then they work with them and retest at a later date. Once all of the sections have been signed off by the various examiners, the IOLS Blue Card is turned in to the Disitrct Training Chair who then submits a report to the Council Registrar.

      I have to tell you that while we have plenty of leaders who take advantage of the Summer Camp option, we have had no leaders complete the second option. It is not that they have failed it, but that they won't even try it. Most have taken the stance that a Scout is trustworthy and we should just believe them when they tell us that they know it all.

      Paula Ball
      NW District Training Chair
      Erie Shores Council

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    • artdukovic
      Ok all, for IOLS intent if you go to: www.bacarrowhead.org/.../IntroductionToOutdoorLeaderSkills.pdf the entire IOLS syllabus is there but the introduction
      Message 38 of 38 , Nov 7, 2011
        Ok all, for IOLS "intent" if you go to:


        the entire IOLS syllabus is there but the "introduction" (which I've posted) clearly states the intent of IOLS; now do know that National was working on a "generic" Outdoor Leader to include Cub Scouts, but they backed off on that in the spring. Hope this helps??
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