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National Training update (June/July)

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  • Bill
    Just put up by National: Training updates will be spread across 2 months (June/July and August/September, 2010) due to staff requirements with Jamboree. If you
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      Just put up by National:

      Training updates will be spread across 2 months (June/July and
      August/September, 2010) due to staff requirements with Jamboree. If you
      have any questions or comments regarding the training updates, feel free
      to send a note to program.content@...
      <mailto:program.content@...> . Happy Jamboree!!!

      Required Training

      The Volunteer Development Committee recommends that the twenty councils
      selected to pilot required training continue their efforts of into the
      second year, which would require that the next level of all direct
      contact leaders be trained.

      It has been determined that one year of testing has not provided
      sufficient data to measure the effectiveness of required training. One
      of the major obstacles had been the repairing and collection of accurate
      training records.

      By the end of 2011 there should be a Learning Management System (LMS) in
      place that will provide actionable data and a validated plan that could
      be rolled out for the remainder of the councils to follow.

      If approved, all councils would begin requiring training for their top
      leaders beginning in 2012 and phase into all direct contact leaders in

      Philmont Training Center

      The Philmont Training Center is offering a special 100th anniversary
      patch to conference participants, faculty and family members. Only
      people attending the training center will be eligible to receive this
      special patch.

      NAYLE is in full swing with our new co-ed program open to Venturing.
      There is still room in remaining sessions this summer but spaces are
      filling up fast. Scholarships for NAYLE are still available for 2010. To
      apply, contact your regional program director.

      The Philmont Leadership Challenge is almost full so sign up soon if you
      are planning to attend this course.

      Fast Start – New!!!

      Training codes for the new fast starts can be found in the Quick Links
      section of the scouting.org/volunteers/training webpage by clicking on
      "Training Codes updated 6/1/2010."

      2011 Deadline Fast Approaching

      June 30, 2010 is the deadline for a council to make an application to
      conduct a Wood Badge, Powder Horn or NYLT course in 2011. Applications
      can be downloaded from the main training page.

      Cub Scouts New Delivery Method

      The roll-out of the Cub Scouts New Delivery Method has been very well
      received by thousands of professional Scouters and volunteers across the
      United States. All materials used in the roll-out are available for use
      to train councils, districts and units. This is the beginning of a new
      era for training roll-outs for the BSA. You can expect this level of
      support in implementing all new program updates and changes in the

      The supportive materials include:

      § PowerPoint and script to use when training units

      § PowerPoint template for use in creating new training

      § Executive talking points for Scout and District Executives to use
      to easily explain what the new method is all about

      § You-Tube video (3 minutes) describing the new "Den & Pack
      Meeting Resource Guide," the most integral piece of the literature
      developed to support the new method

      § A live-version of the "Cub Scouts New Delivery Method
      Webinar," is being taped on June 12th and will be available online
      by June 20th.

      § Fall webinars will be done to support new den leaders by rank

      § More You-Tube "quick-start" videos are being taped on June
      14th and should be available online by July 15th

      § … and, an email address for all volunteers to use with
      questions concerning this or other programs that impact our youth and
      adult members – program.content@...

      All of this material and more can be located at:

      NEW MyScouting Feature coming soon!

      In the coming weeks a new Training Validation feature will be added to
      the Training section of My Scouting. This feature will enable MyScouting
      users with a member ID to look-up individual training record history.
      This feature will include an option for Youth Protection training taken
      in the past two years as well as an All Training search.

      Leadership Development Task Force (LDTF) Update

      A new NYLT Certificate is underway for those holding co-ed/Venturing
      courses in 2010. This will be available for all courses in 2011.
      Remember that NAYLE is already open to Venturing this summer (see PTC


      The deadline for 2011 Leadership Courses (Power Horn, Woodbadge NYLT)
      application submissions is June 30, 2010. Please be sure to get your
      application in to your Area Training Chair prior to this date.
      Applications can be downloaded from the main training page.

      Further updates to NYLT, Kodiak and Wood Badge will be forthcoming in

      Any questions concerning youth or adult leadership development courses
      can be sent to leadershipBSA@... <mailto:leadershipBSA@...>


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