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Re: [Scouter_T] OWL/WLOT/??? followup

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  • Mills
    ... Geez, Marshall! You ve asked a lot of questions in a short paragraph! Let s see what I can answer.... First, I have grandfathered in 2 Webelos Leaders
    Message 1 of 9 , Aug 17, 2001
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      Marshall J Creighton wrote:

      > Kent, I am a Webelos Leader, but I also am Wood Badge trained ( C-25L-99),
      > so I count my WB experience along with the "old" Scoutmaster Part 3
      > training as fulfilling the "complete outdoor training for Webelos den
      > leaders" requirement. I also was on staff for the last Part 3 training my
      > Council put on. This is what my District has allowed, and so the tradition
      > continues. You have a good point, in that we need to offer the training
      > required for folks to get their knots, but at the same time, being unable
      > to fulfill the letter of the law, so to speak. It has come up in many of
      > the training courses that I have given, whether to "grandfather in" those
      > leaders who have been-there-done-that for a lot of years. Some of these
      > folks could write the book on outdoor skills. Along with that, does BALOO
      > qualify as "outdoor training"? Does the new outdoor skills course qualify
      > as well? Does one substitute for the other? It seems that we work in grey
      > areas all the time!! In the end, it comes down to what my DE will accept
      > in terms of a "trained" leader. And so the tradition continues.

      Geez, Marshall!

      You've asked a lot of questions in a short paragraph! Let's see what I can answer....

      First, I have "grandfathered in" 2 Webelos Leaders for their Webelos Den Leader Award (with Council
      permission) who were great leaders for 2 years than took Scoutmastership Fundamentals, but didn't take WLOT.
      I don't think I would do this for just any leader--these two were exceptional!

      Baloo does NOT qualify for WLOT!

      The new Outdoor Skills course is not interchangeable with WLOT (for now). As trainers, we really need to
      ensure that Webelos Leaders know the difference between a Webelos den and a Scout patrol.

      You mentioned: "Some of these folks could write the book on outdoor skills." These are the folks you need to
      tap for help with WLOT!!!!!! Sometimes, if they know they can just "pop in," do their session and leave, they
      will be happy to help!

      I use my Cub Training Staff for the "book-learning" sessions, and those wonderful, experienced Scout Leaders
      for the hands-on outdoor skills. Example: the man who teaches Woods Tools and Fire Building is a 75-year-old
      "retired" Scoutmaster.

      Of course, I drag along my long-suffering husband, (another "retired" Scoutmaster) who teaches Cooking and
      Sanitation, and more importantly, puts up with me and my pre-training-day jitters!

      National is reportedly still evaluating WLOT for the next couple years. It is my sincere hope that they
      combine BALOO with WLOT, and not WLOT with Outdoor Skills.

      In all honesty, WLOT is a lot of work, BUT GREAT FUN! In our district, we usually have only 12-15 leaders
      (from 24 Packs) attend this training, and almost the same number staffing the day.

      I usually spend the following day "sleeping it off," then I make vegetable soup from the leftovers from the
      foil packs. LOL!

      Sorry for such a long post! Hope it encourages you to try WLOT!

      Mary Ann Mills
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