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Re: Digest Number 153 - PowerPoint Challenge

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  • Bob Riley
    Hello Lorie, Your problem may not be with PowerPoint but, with your original images...they re too large and/or in the wrong format. I see this kind of problem,
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 7, 2001
      Hello Lorie,

      Your problem may not be with PowerPoint but, with your original
      images...they're too large and/or in the wrong format. I see this
      kind of problem, independent of PowerPoint, all the time. Most people
      don't understand what their scanners/digital cameras do with the

      Example: Take a 1600x1200 image from a digital camera, save it as a
      bitmapped image = 5.4MB, save it as a TIFF and it only shrinks to
      3.9MB. Save it as a JPEG, with 3:1 compression (common setting on
      some cameras for highest quality), and it only drops to about 700K,
      which is still too large for a web page. Change the compression to
      20:1 and the image still looks good on a monitor and the size is down
      to 385K!

      BUT, the average user (potential web page visitor) runs at 800x600
      resolution. So if we resize the image to 800x600 (prefereably
      smaller!) the bitmap size is now only 1.3MB, and the 20:1 JPEG is now
      down to 95K. At 100K (I like round #s!) you now have room for about
      50 images on that 5MB site. Big diff, ehh? :)

      The same scenario happens with scanners when the output is a TIFF
      and/or the dpi setting on the scanner is too high...PC monitors only
      display 96dpi, so that's the setting to use when creating photos for
      the web.

      You can remove the pictures, reduce their dpi with an image editor
      software like Adobe Photoshop, resave the pictures at the lower dpi
      and then reinsert the small files into the PPT.

      Hope that helps!

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      at the moment. :(

      Have a great Scouting day,

      Bob Riley
      Fort Orange District Cub Scout Dino Day Camp Program Director 2001
      Cubmaster, Tiger Cub Coach... soon to be Tiger Cub Den Leader,
      RT staff, District Training staff, blah, blah, blah!
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      --- In scouter_t@y..., Lorie McGraw <lmcgraw@s...> wrote:
      > Can someone on this group tell me how to get a powerpoint up on the
      > (with photos) that can be read on the web like the ones in the
      > training section? I am having space/filesize problems.
      > Thanks
      > Lorie McGraw
      > Columbia SC
      > (And thanks to all for the wonderful ideas and hints that I have
      seen in
      > this group. You are the best!)
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