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Re: [Scouter_T] So Apparently, we're not the only ones frustrated . . .

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  • Ronald Parks
    Yup. Can t wait for the train wreck next year when top leaders are required to be trained and National finds out that it has no way to know who really is
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 8, 2009
      Yup. Can't wait for the "train wreck" next year when top leaders are
      required to be trained and National finds out that it has no way to know
      who really is trained and who isn't. I learned from my work with the
      government that one way to facilitate change is to allow disaster to
      happen. It's a shame, but maybe that's what it takes to "force"
      National to fix or replace ScoutNET with a user-friendly online database
      employing varying degrees of accessibility depending on a person's position.


      Ron Parks
      District Training Chair
      Victory District

      Jamie Niss Dunn wrote:
      > . . . with training records. The following (long) quote is from a BSA
      > employee posted to the Innovation Engine:
      > "We should be able to run training reports for all volunteers for a
      > specific unit or district. It should list the leaders, their position,
      > what training they have taken with the dates and then what training
      > they need to become a trained leader. We have volunteers come in to
      > our office on a weekly basis looking for this information and we are
      > unable to give them useful reports. We either have to spend time
      > printing person profiles for the whole unit (because this is the only
      > way to get training with dates) or we try and run a Training Complete
      > and a Training Not Complete reports. Trying to get those reports are
      > very difficult to obtain. They either take hours to run or time out
      > and you need to go back and request the same reports again and again,
      > until they finally work. Who has the time for that, I know we don’t at
      > our council. If you are lucky to get the reports they are not useful.
      > They only list codes with no dates. The volunteer has no need to know
      > all the codes our system uses and if no dates are listed what good are
      > they to the volunteers anyway.
      > And, why doesn’t training have expiration dates? For example; we have
      > a Scout Master that registered 10 years ago took all the training and
      > was conceder trained back then. He has not been a leader for the last
      > 8 years and then once again is called to be a Scout Master, he still
      > shows20as trained. Why? I know training has changed in the last 10
      > years. Another reason we should have expiration dates; we have people
      > that show trained on the roster so you go and look at what training
      > they have taken, now where does it show under the training tab any of
      > the training required to be trained for that position but it stills
      > shows them trained and no way to remove it.
      > Youth Protection should be required to be conceder trained? The tour
      > permit requires leaders to have taken Youth Protection in the last two
      > years; if it is required ever two years then it should expire
      > automatically two years from the date taken and then send them a
      > reminder to take it again if they still are a registered leader. It
      > would be nice too if once you entered a new leader in the system that
      > it generated a letter or e-mail (if entered) thanking and telling them
      > the importance of being a trained leader and how to obtain such
      > training’s. The system sends a thank you letter to all new Scout
      > Parents, why can’t we do the same for registered leaders?
      > We put so much information in to ScoutNET but we have such a hard time
      > getting it out, I have never seen a data base program with so little
      > options for custom reports. It is so frustrating for us to have to
      > tell the professionals no sorry we can’t do that or pull so many
      > different reports and spend the time combining them in to what they
      > want. I honestly don’t think our council uses one report straight out
      > of the sy
      > stem. It is even more frustrating when you go to the training provided
      > by the region and they tell you that we are not important enough to
      > listen too. They only want to listen to the Scout Executive. When you
      > go to these trainings it is a great opportunity for them to take back
      > to National on how to improve the system from the people that work in
      > it every day. Not be told to play Solitaire when the system is slow.
      > (And yes that is exactly what they told us)."
      > ______________
      > I gleaned a piece of information from the above. A "Person Profile"
      > will generate info on a specific leader and show all of the trainings
      > that person has recorded WITH dates of training. It is apparently a
      > laborious report to generate, but does exist. Difficult but not
      > impossible to obtain the info apparently.
      > YiS,
      > Jamie Niss Dunn
      > Pack Trainer, Pack 512
      > Blaine/Coon Rapids, MN
      > Troop Committee, Troop 509
      > Ham Lake, MN
      > Cub Scout Training Coordinator
      > Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
      > Three Rivers District
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