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Re: [Scouter_T] re: New Aquatics Supervision Guide 07.29.09

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  • Connie Knie
    Hi Leslie, Yeah I know what you mean. CVC is really far behind as far as having an Aquatics committee as well. Supposedly we are getting one started
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 29, 2009
      Hi Leslie,
      Yeah I know what you mean. CVC is really far behind as far as having an Aquatics committee as well. Supposedly we are getting one started soon.........have been hearing that for a while......It will be crunch time soon though as National is going to make it mandatory for someone on the trip to have these certifications if an aquatics program is going to be offered.......
      There is no doubt that a true setting would be ideal......but unless your trainers are willing to take the leaders to the edge of Huron or out onto Lake St.Clair. ......
      I don't know how you can overcome the pool issue unless you do what I am planning and that is to use local high school pools and do it over the course of a couple of weeks (or more if necessary).......
      The course done correctly should take 8 hours. 
      Right now the book is very wishy washy and says things like "strongly recommends and encouraged to" so I guess you could say that for now things could go along as is but I am hearing from my teachers at this past NCS that as of 2011 (was supposed to be 2010) there will not be a choice......
      Also as far as who can teach it? The Aquatics Supervisor book says "A council approved instructor must directly supervise all training"
      I am going to try to upload a paper one of my NCS counselors sent me........
      Many other councils (I found out at NCS) have had committed and effective Aquatics committees for a while. I know 2011 seems a long way away but if things don't get moving now it will be really hard to play catch up. I was very frustrated to hear how far behind we are. I know DAC has a good committee and if we merge I am looking forward to being part of a good team.......if we don't it will just be a bit harder.........Lost Lake didn't even have the syllabus for either of the new training when I got there in July with the troop........
      Ok this seems really rambling but there is so much to say and hard to get it all in an email.....


      --- On Wed, 7/29/09, Leslie <lbthmi@...> wrote:

      But the unit leaders in my Council would still need to obtain the training

      Connie - you know my area - our Councils share a boundary.  Most units who
      are doing any local swimming are doing it in Lake Huron, at one of the
      public beaches (no lifeguards).  Blue Water also owns three sailboats and a
      couple of motorboats that go out onto the lake and also the St. Clair River
      (Sea Scout and SCUBA Crews).  Would it not be best to do this type of
      training in a true setting?

      The only public pool available within our entire Council is the one at the
      YMCA.  The cost to rent it is about $250 an hour (it comes with 9

      Another question - what training does the trainer have to have to conduct
      this training?

      I talked to my DE this afternoon about this and she knew nothing.  She said
      we have no Aquatics Committee.

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