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Re: Diversity Training

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  • Richard C. Pushies
    ... ...am looking for any information, games, Power Point Presentations, etc. that would help. Thanks. Donna Hi Donna, We didn t all come over on the
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      --- In scouter_t@yahoogroups.com, "Donna F. Williams" <williamsdfw@...> wrote:
      "...am looking for any information, games, Power Point Presentations, etc. that would help. Thanks. Donna"

      Hi Donna,

      "We didn't all come over on the same ship, but we're all in the same boat." - Bernard Baruch, American financier and statesman

      There a many layers to the concept of diversity. You could focus on human diversity, generational diversity (Don't turst anyone over 30!), cultural diversity or institutional diversity. Regardless of which layer you focus on they are all becoming more important as our world becomes more diverse through travel and telecomunnications. You may want to consider doing a search on http://www.mindtools.com/index.html

      This is a web site based in England focused on career advancement. Although not a "Scouting" site, I often use this site for information and ideas. Understanding diversity is an important issue if you want a successful carreer!

      But, for the issue of human diversity, a good activity for boys comes from the old Scoutmaster Training Kit for junior leaders. In this training we would give each Scout being trained as leader, as well as adults leaders involved in the training, a potato. Yes, a potato. Everyone would then be asked to study the uniqueness or special characteristics of their potato. We even asked them to give the potato a name, 'Spud the stud!' was my potato! All the potatoes would then be put in a bag. The challenge would then be to find "your" potato in the bag of potatoes. Once "your" potato was found you would give a verbal description of how your potato was uniquely different. This activity would help everyone understand that each indvidual, like the potato, is unique. Being able to see and identify an individual's unique characteristics goes a long way in our accepting the diversity of man.

      Then we cooked up potatoes and ate them! (Just kidding-lol)

      Yours Truly in Scouting,
      Rick Pushies
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