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  • tttrack@aol.com
    Oct 1, 2008
      In Old Hickory Council, we do not charge for CS, BS or Venturing position
      specific or NLE. They are asked to bring a bag lunch, and the council
      furnishes snacks and drinks. When we did charge, doubling the course cost did not
      make a difference in folks signing up ahead of time. They would rather pay
      the extra than sign up a week in advance.

      With no cost, no food, we don't have to worry about how many show up. Our
      facilities are free. No books are furnished but are sometimes offered for
      sale at the courses.

      Tom Travis
      OHC Training Chair

      In a message dated 10/1/2008 11:39:10 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      chadc@... writes:

      Northern Star Council has had some strong support and we are able to
      give our attendees the Cub Scout Leader Book, G2SS and a council
      calendar/info booklet without charge. We do not include the Program
      Helps. Those districts in our area that charge for training are usually
      covering their costs for facilities, food and other misc supplies. My
      district has been able to get free facilities and we have been able to
      avoid charging a fee to our attendees.

      - Chad
      Chief Black Dog, Norther Star Council

      Steven Powell wrote:
      > Sandy OWL,
      > Is there a fee for this training? If so, what is the cost? (In other
      > words.who pays for the CS Leader's Guide, Program Helps, etc.) Thanks for
      > sharing.
      > In Scouting Always,
      > Steve
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      > all of those are in the back of the Cub Scout Leader Book. Our council
      > doesn't give these as handouts. We give them the leader book with their
      > training. We also give them the program helps.
      > Sandy OWL
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      > Subject: [Scouter_T] handouts
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      > Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2008, 9:49 PM
      > I'm looking for downloadable versions of the following handouts
      > required for
      > the new Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training
      > we're doing this Saturday. (If I'm not mistaken, these items are not
      > on the
      > disk.)
      > - Cub Scout Attendance and Dues
      > - Cub Scout Den Record
      > - Family Talent Survey Sheet
      > - Pack Meeting Planning Chart 26-004
      > - Tiger Cub Attendance and Dues
      > - Tiger Cub Den Record
      > Any help will be appreciated.
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