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8332Bobcat Blitz

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  • rjays6
    Nov 2, 2007
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      Hi Kris!

      Our Council has published a "Bobcat Trail, Welcome to Our Pack"
      booklet, which is intended to be handed to new parents during
      recruitment or shortly thereafter. This 12 page booklet explains the
      Bobcat Trail and has a page for each requirement - looks similar to
      what is found in the Wolf or Bear Handbook. The back page references
      our Service Center and Scout Shops. I really like to use this
      because it is short and sweet but more importantly parents can see
      how easy the Bobcat really is without being overwhelmed by the entire

      That said, leaders are always looking for ways to make
      learning/reinforcing the Bobcat fun. In our Cub Scout Specific
      handouts, we've included some activities (that have been borrowed
      from other sources). One that is really fun is the Bobcat Trail
      Game. It is a folding paper game called a "fortune teller". I don't
      know the original source, but it has been around our Council for many
      years. If anyone would like a copy I'll be happy to e-mail it to

      In addition, the September '07 edition of Scouting Magazine, Front
      Line Stuff, has responses from leaders regarding teaching Bobcat
      requirements to nonreaders. Although this isn't what you asked
      about, there are some fun ideas that any age level could use. Look
      this up on-line for additional responses that were not published.


      Ruth White
      Buckeye District Training Chair
      Simon Kenton Council
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