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7852Re: Troop Committee Challenge ONLINE

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  • Sandy L Maines
    Feb 10, 2007
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      I have yet to look at TCC on-line, but have presented this training many
      times, always at the Troop level though my District does offer it once or
      twice a year. I have found that it is really geared to be a
      team-building, as well as informative, training and the team that needs
      to be built is the Committee of a Troop. Often times Scouters find out
      what their job really entails (one Troop found that one Committee member
      had given most of her job to them) and like to see how their jobs work
      together for the good of the Troop. It also allows someone to "try" out
      a position on the Committee for a short time and see how they like it. I
      have also found it is good to include the Scoutmaster so he/she can see
      what a great team they have to back them up. I also recommend to the
      Committee members that they attend Scoutmaster Specific so they can
      understand what they are supporting. I have also held this training over
      a two troop meeting time and involve every parent that is at the
      meetings. When they see how the jobs can be broken down into manageable
      pieces they are more likely to volunteer to be an active part of the
      troop. A good time of year to hold this is shortly after the Webelos
      have crossed over and there are lots of new parents in the Troop.

      I find that TCC tends to be the most fun training, outside of outdoor
      trainings, as it is very interaction oriented and not video driven. With
      puzzles and games, people really get involved and have a good time.

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