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  • Connie Knie
    Jun 1, 2006
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      When I get the list of awards earned by the scout I take a look at what the requirements were and incorporate that into the presentation.
      For example for Naturalist I knew they had to study birds so I took badmitton birdies and "served" them thier awards one time.
      Outdoorsman........I put them into "foil dinners"
      Last month with the digging in the dirt idea. I presented the beltlloops by dumping them out in front of each scout from the back of a RC dump truck my kids own. The "dirt" was Oreo crumbs...........the truck tooled around the room until it came to a stop in front of the scout. Everyone was rivited waiting to see who it stopped in front of......
      Readyman.........I found small first aid kits at the dollar store and put them in it. One time make slings and use the pin to put them together........
      Have had a "pizza delivery man" come in shouting "Who ordered extra anchovies?" and stopped in front of the den who then got a bunch of pins.
      Frisbees are often tossed that have awards attatched to them.
      I froze the ice skating beltloops in cups of water.............

      We have a badge unique to Michigan and to present it I bought small bags of Better Maid potato chips (made in MI) opened them carefully, put the badges inside and glued them shut again.........

      You just need to let your imagination run wild................

      I rarely bring a den up to present awards unless they are ranks.............and never one after the other. I always put the songs and skits in between..........

      "Russ Gordon, Pack 42" <russ@...> wrote:
      The part I am stumped on is this. I am looking for more creative ways to
      have the boys the awards. Some vehicle other than the zip-lock bag. Sure
      I have Mom or Dad pin on awards like Rank. I even have a ton of
      ceremonies for Cubs archiving rank.
      I'm looking at ways to hand over the belt loops, pins, arrow points,
      progress beads, and special awards like LNT, World Conservation.



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