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568Venturing Training & Powder Horn

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  • Dave Loomis
    Apr 1, 2001
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      Thanks to this list group we were able to publicize our recent training
      more widely than our council media would allow, and succeeded in
      attracting scouters we might not have otherwise located. We had a great
      time together, and are looking forward to the Powder Horn in May.

      Our Powder Horn course information is located at:
      http://www.dwcbsa.org/venturing/index.html, with the registration form
      at: http://www.xtdl.com/~dwc/powderhorn.pdf.

      BSA's Powder Horn page is at: http://www.powderhorn-bsa.org, which
      includes the schedule for current courses for the next months, in every

      Venturing Training Chair
      Daniel Webster Council

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