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  • Ken Todd
    Sep 1, 2002
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      For the Troop Committee position descriptions, I recommend obtaining a
      copy of the "TROOP COMMITTEE GUIDEBOOK" #34505B $4.70. It lists all of
      the standard Troop Committee position descriptions. [Note: some Troops
      have bylaws that modify some of these slightly and add some others.]

      For the Troop Leader position descriptions, I recommend obtaining a
      copy of the "SENIOR PATROL LEADER HANDBOOK" #32501 $7.95 and the
      "PATROL LEADER HANDBOOK" #32502 $7.95.

      As for elections not being at a Troop Committee Meeting, when else
      would the Committee elect its officers. The comment about "want me to
      hold the elections as an open forum instead of a committee meeting."
      confuses me. All parents should always be encouraged to attend
      Committee meetings. These are normally on a standard date during the
      month and announced on the Troop's calendar well in advance. Our Troop
      normally holds its June Committee Meeting at the Annual Troop Picnic
      and hold a Troop Committee meeting at that time including elections.

      Troop Leadership elections should be held at a normal Troop function.
      Our Troop holds its Troop Leadership elections either at Troop Meetings
      or the Annual Picnic. We elect SPL & ASPL in December and June, and
      other Troop Leadership positions in March & September, to take effect
      the first of the following month.

      I hope these references are helpful. Feel free to contact me if you
      have any more questions.

      Yours in Scouting,
      Ken Todd, Troop Committee Member

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      Subject: Job Descriptions

      Anyone know where I can find a PRINTABLE job description booklet for
      the Committee and Troop Leadership position for the Boy Scouts? ....

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