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14867RE: [Scouter_T] Introduction To Outdoor Leader Skills

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  • Mark Ellis
    Apr 6, 2014
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      Ed, other members of the Unit Key 3  may not be able to fix his records using their my.scouting.org account for a variety of reasons if the problem is not missing training codes in his ScoutNET record.   


      John, I can understand your frustration with ScoutNET.  As someone who has entered (and corrected) adult leader training records in ScoutNET, I’ve found those who are fully trained via “legacy” courses such as Scoutmastership Fundamentals or Boy Scout Leader Basic Training often do not show properly in ScoutNET as being fully trained.   For instance, these courses were converted to a trained date of 01/01/1911 when ScoutNET was created.  Training codes with dates of 01/01/1911 usually do not show the leader as being fully trained. 


      Or the training code that the Council staff chose is inconsistent with your trained date. 


      Or your ScoutNET record, to use a technical term, is “all hosed up” and even having the appropriate training courses entered into your ScoutNET still does not result in being shown as fully trained.  In my council, “legacy” trained leader records are often “hosed up” because the training codes were in the system before ScoutNET.  In that case, the appropriate technique is to write down a list of all of trained dates in ScoutNET, then delete them all, and then re-enter them in chronological order.


      Suggest calling your council registrar and asking them to take a look at your training record.   


      If you want to e-mail me a list of what you can view via Training Validation using your BSA ID number, I’d be happy to give you my advice.


      Yours In Scouting,


      Mark Ellis

      Registrar, Leadership Training

      Aquia District

      National Capital Area Council

      (703) 376-4150



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      As part of the Key 3 it is your fault do not pass the blame you can check and update your training records.


      Ed Harvey
      Dutchess District Training Chair
      Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader


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      Dear Connie:

      Or National is just lousy at record keeping! My Troop just rechartered, and for the second year in a row we are listed as "Not a Quality Unit" because the Unit Leader (me) is untrained. Let's see -- Scoutmaster Fundamentals in1982, Wood Badge in1985, all the Scoutmaster basic training courses, including IOLS, again in 2010, Wood Badge in 2012 (again) and I sent copies of all my certificates to the Council last year. Now I have to do it again.

      National really has to get its act together. If we ran a business like this we would be out of business very soon (which may be the way National is heading).


      Scoutmaster (but officially untrained) Troop 74

      Captain  F. Whiteley, Ed.S., AMS, CCT
      Executive Director
      Workforce Solutions

      4200 Ohio River Road
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      Is it me or is that really sad?  And to not make training mandatory for that reason is cowardice.


      As I see it, yes there may be a hit in registered leadership, for a short while. But when the new scouts cross over it will just be part of the culture and will be no biggie. I mean the only ones who are fighting it now are the ones who have been doing this for a million years and probably never took training to begin with.


      It might even make Boy Scout leaders work harder to recruit from the incoming Webelos parents/leaders since we know they need to be trained so being proactive about training will become part of the Boy Scout culture. 



      From: Michael Crothers <dowrightbw@...>



      National has stopped the trail program.


      The results were such that national gave up requiring mandatory training.


      The results units with 20 registered scouters became at recharter time 5 registered members.

      People stop registering as a leader so they would not have to take training. They were probable still

      volunteering, just not taking the mandatory training.  



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