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14763Re: [Scouter_T] Scout Advancement Video

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  • Don Wilson
    Mar 9, 2014
      The troops in my district were small and committee lists short, often only the base requirements to charter. Very few (if any) actually had an Advancement Chair. Knowing what to look for, only a few minutes were needed to check requirements. I was normally able to do that while other members of the BOR spoke with the candidate.

      Don Wilson
      OHC      427

      On 3/9/2014 10:05 AM, Chip Coy wrote:

      Requirements completion should be checked by the advancement committee member before the BOR. Spending time in a BOR pouring over requirements takes away from the time spent talking about the scout's experiences and getting their feedback on improving the troop. Remember that for Tenderfoot through Life the BOR is 15 to 30 minutes - taking time to check each First Class requirement would take a fair bite out of that time.

      In my troop the advancement chair checks the requirements before the SM conference is scheduled.

      Be careful, this slippery slope leads to the "tie me a sheepshank" sort of "review" that is really a test - testing happens at the requirements signofff, not in the SM conference and not in the BOR.


      On Mar 9, 2014, at 8:36 AM, Connie Knie <cknie23100@...> wrote:

      I think so. What you described is what I thought happened at a SM conference but you indicated that you did that while sitting on a BOR which may have been what confused me. 

      As part of the Scoutmaster's conference, I double checked the notations on the requirements were properly completed along with the merit badges for higher ranks. I normally required the candidate to attend the conference in full uniform, again to insure that he had the uniform and was wearing it properly. As Scoutmaster, I had the responsibility to insure that the candidate was qualified for the advancement. On another direction, I have presented a Scout to the board if he was not advancing in the manner expected for that individual. Often such a Scout might share with the BOR his problems with advancement and the BOR would then advise me of the results of the conversation. That could be lack of leadership position because the Scout was not comfortable in some positions or that he really enjoyed everything about Scouting for all the activities and was not interested in advancement. Does that help?


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