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  • Connie Knie
    Sep 22, 2013
      I am curious what position did you hold that you had access to the whole district?
      And until recently the only changes we could make (and that was at the unit level) was for YP training. My husband (the SM) tried making some changes to our troop and so far even though National says that the Key 3 can, none of his changes have stuck.

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      Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2013 6:17 PM
      Subject: RE: [Scouter_T] RE: my.scouting.org question
      Same thing for the District…so, it appears that I will have to try to get my District Chairman, District Executive, or my District Commissioner to provide me with training reports and update the records for members after they have completed training. *insert sarcasm font here* Because that has worked so well in the past.
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      On the new homepage, the updates of training records belongs to ONLY the key 3 of the unit.
      Marian Mcquaid
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      Subject: [Scouter_T] RE: my.scouting.org question

      I noticed the same thing. I went in today to try and update some training records, and I was unable to do so. I wonder if they pulled back part of the recent update, due to problems?
      Jamie Dunn 
      Until this week, I was able to access the training records for my district and enter the completed training. Now, I no longer have the access. I tried calling National, but so far have had no luck getting someone on the phone who knows enough about my.scouting to help. My Council says they made no changes to my profile, so that shouldn’t be causing the difference. Anyone else having this problem? I went from having full access for the district to only having access for the Pack for which I am Committee Chair.
      Alicia Riggans
      Committee Chair - Pack 1548
      Troop Treasurer - Troop 219
      District Training Chair
      Nashboro District, Middle Tennessee Council
      Phone: 615-227-4271
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