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  • A. Dukovic
    Oct 18, 2012
      BSAs answers are in the "Merit Badge Program" on Scouting.org but you're on the right track, because there's variations to getting the job done easier.  What worked best for us was having each District Advancement Chair initially review & approve the applications and then present their list to the council committee for final approval; thinking here was that the District folks know better both the applicants and their references, in most cases??
      What's gonna change things are todays headlines, as YPT completion, MUST considered before any counselor is going to be "approved" as with any other volunteer in the future so you're NOT going to get away from "verifying" all counselors at least every 2 years to coincide with YPT certification.  The days of "do ya wanna??" only, are gone forever, I'm afraid thanks to the lawyers?? 

      - Art
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      Subject: [Scouter_T] Merit Badge Counselors
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      Date: Thursday, October 18, 2012, 7:21 PM


      I'm currently engaged in an ongoing discussion with the Council Advancement Chair about the procedure currently used to re-register merit badge counselors.

      Currently, our council requires that we submit a new copy of the merit badge counselor information sheet (BSA Form 34405) each year regardless of whether any information has changed. This form is then reviewed each year by the advancement committee before approval or rejection.

      I am arguing that a simple "Yes I will continue" or "No I will not continue" response should be adequate for all but the few merit badges with specific qualification criteria spelled out in the Guide to Advancement. And that the screening process should occur before the invitation to renew is sent to the counselor.

      I'm curious as to what the renewal process is in your neck of the woods.

      Ned Darden
      SM Emeritus, T451
      Pace, FL
      On the beautiful Redneck Riveria

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