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14312Blue woggle cord - Wood Badge

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  • Elaine Boyd
    Aug 5, 2012

      It has been a while since I have posted to the group. I do still read the postings. This group is the best resource for a trainer!

      For those of you involved with Wood Badge, what do you use for woggle cord? For the last ten years my council has used round cord from Sierra Lace in red, green and blue. We buy it in 100 yard spools, so we don't have to buy it every year. We can no longer find the blue cord.

      What do the rest of you use for woggle cord for Wood Badge? If anyone has a source for blue cord from Sierra Lace, do you mind sharing it?

      Yours in Scouting,

      Elaine Boyd
      Course Director
      Sept. 14 � 16 & Sept. 28 - 30, 2012
      Ask me about Wood Badge!

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