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  • Connie Knie
    Sep 1, 2011
      I didn't find that to be true when I was a GSUSA leader. What they require is to have a First Aider on all outings. Preferably not one of the main leaders of the troop so that if that person had to accompany a scout to the hospital the ratios (which is HUGE) would still be in tact...........And I agree that simple works. Even though I may have moaned and groaned about taking "fire building" (Having been on IOLS staff). I wanted to be a leader so I just did whatever was necessary. And no I never said "when I taught it I did it this way"......LOL  Something else I notice, GSUSA doesn't see to be hurting any more than any other organization when it comes to adult leadership and believe me they haven't come close to making it as easy as the BSA has..........
      What that says to me is that if it is mandatory, and there is no backing down, adults will do what is necessary. It is when you give them a choice. As far as I am concerned mandatory training just needs to happen across the country and in a couple of years the newest leaders won't know it was ever any different...........let's just take the leap and get it over with (well as soon as Scoutnet can handle it)

      --- On Thu, 9/1/11, Herb <hadulzo@...> wrote:

      ya gotta love simple.  As a recall they like to have everyone first aid trained to?

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