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  • Herb
    Sep 1, 2011
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      ya gotta love simple. As a recall they like to have everyone first aid trained to?

      --- In scouter_t@yahoogroups.com, Robert Koertge <bkoertge@...> wrote:
      > Girl scouts has a pretty simple policy here. You must be trained or your
      > not a volunteer. 3 different training are required. 1 must be taken before
      > every meeting. 1 within 30 days, and the final within 60 days. Failure to
      > do any, and you are removed.
      > On Aug 31, 2011, at 11:42 AM, MichaelB <emb021@...> wrote:
      > All-
      > Its interesting to be part of other organizations and see how they handle
      > training as compared to the BSA.
      > I'm in Toastmasters. Each Toastmasters club has 7 officers, and districts
      > are responsible for providing officer training twice a year (club have
      > either annual or semi-annual terms, so we have to cover all that).
      > Toastmasters has a 'quality' program, and one of the points that clubs can
      > earn for this is to have at least 4 of their 7 officers trained twice a
      > year. And there is a deadline to achieve this (basically we have a 2 month
      > 'window' to get people training such as it will count).
      > Some districts encourage clubs to get ALL 7 officers trained, and may have
      > incentives to do so.
      > Officer training must be done live (NO on-line training), and it only runs
      > an hour. How hard can it be to get someone to training??
      > Usually districts will run several half-day training events during the
      > training cycle to offer officer training and other training, kind of like
      > 'university of scouting'. And even with these, we have people who miss it,
      > so we are running makeup training to catch as many of the stragglers as we
      > can, and sometimes do one-on-one training.
      > Even then you have people who won't take training (huh? its just an hour!).
      > My club will have only 6 of 7 officers training because one won't go. She
      > thinks its an inconvience. She'd rather give up the position (which we have
      > problems getting people to BE officers) rather then be forced to go to
      > training.
      > Now, I noted that for clubs to get their quality points, officers must
      > attend training. Even if the person has taken the training previously, they
      > must take it again during the training cycle to count. So we get people who
      > hold a position for several terms feeling they shouldn't have to go to
      > training. (I held a position for several years, but I went to training each
      > time because I knew it helped my club). So there is that attitude as well.
      > Michael Brown
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