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12521Re: [Scouter_T] Re: Mandatory Training How is it Going?

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  • mcquaidfam@comcast.net
    Jan 1, 2011
      Now that's an interesting one. I do know that the code AP (Tiger parent) does NOT trigger a registration charge. And neither does PS (Scout Parent). As far as I know, it also doesn't trigger a background check. To trigger a background check, you need to be in position that triggers a fee. That could be a Den Leader Asst. or Member Committee. Then YPT requirements need to be met.

      hmm.....If you want, I can inquire more come Monday.


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      Simply put:
      Tiger Parents and Scout Parents do NOT pay registration fees. They are NOT subject to Background checks. They do NOT fill out adult applications. They are NOT required to take YPT.

      Honest. It is that easy. If you fill out an adult application for the position, you get a background check and have to submit proof of Youth Protection Training Completion. This includes Executive Board members, by the way.

      So Marian -- let me throw a wrench into the works.

      We've had a situation where the Tiger Partner was not the parent or legal guardian. We were told they had to complete a separate adult application. (not just the bottom of the Scout's app) While they do use the position code for Tiger Partner (AP?) and have to supply their social security number - do they get background checked? Are they still exempt from YPT?

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