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12517Re: [Scouter_T] Re: Mandatory Training How is it Going?

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  • Connie Knie
    Jan 1, 2011
      If I may,
      The difference lies in the words "registered adult" vs. "registered leader" a registered adult is not the same as a registered leader. I believe when the original edict came out they intended to include all registered volunteers no matter what position they hold. As with most things that national throws out there without really thinking about us here in the real world it was too broad and unwieldy and when they discovered how difficult they had made it. I mean it is a nightmare trying to get all of the newly minted Tiger parents to even turn in applications let alone take a training first!!  So they backed off a bit and took out the need for the them to do so...............
      Just throwing it out there. By now anyone who has been on this list for any length of time has got to see the pattern here. And for anyone joining this program in session..........hang on. I would like to say it gets easier, but it doesn't. What we have here though is a group of dedicated leaders that want to help............. 


      --- On Sat, 1/1/11, Thomas Brewer <brewerka@...> wrote:

      If an adult complete a registration (no matter what position) they are
      considered a registered adult there for are required take YP.
      The adult would not be showing up on the roaster if they did not complete a
      registration form.

      I think this is why there is such contraversy.  Tiger Partners and Scout Parents
      are registared adults.  In our Pack for all Adult that registered in September
      2010 we required YP.  This was for Tiger Partners and Scout Parents as well as
      any other position.  The question is coming for Adults registered prior to
      September 2010. 

      There is information going both direction on National Site.  It makes you wonder
      if they made sure and updated all there information after the changes went into

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