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1053BALOO - first district course yesterday

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  • Carla
    Jul 1, 2001
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      Dear fellow Scouters:
      Island District's Cub Leader Training Team presented BALOO yesterday
      for the first time. What a great curriculum! I think the trainers
      learned as much as the participants.

      We had about 14 people there (average for our district trainings) and
      we got some great feedback from the group. There were some things
      that individuals didn't like but overall a positive outcome. We had
      a wide range of experience - from moms and dads who have never camped
      to experienced outdoorsmen who've been camping since they were knee-
      high to a grasshopper.

      We found that Health & Safety and Program didn't take the entire time
      allowed. So we had a great Q&A session after Health & Safety and got
      out a little earlier than planned. I am sure that the Program
      presentation could be beefed up and really presented in a fun way (I
      was outside getting ready for the Cub Cooking section during part of
      this presentation.)

      We also found that we had to be really flexible around lunch since we
      did the foil dinners. When they were ready, we stopped right where
      we were (amazingly at the end of a presentation) and ate, then picked
      up where we left off.

      Everyone's favorite part - the Camp Doughnuts during round robin!

      Carla Bigelow
      Island District, Mt. Baker (WA) Council
      Cub Leader Training Team
      Roundtable Staff
      ADC - Fidalgo Island
      W-CS-40 Buffalo
      WE1-606-01 Staff