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10388RE: [Scouter_T] What is online training?

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  • Whiteley, John F
    Apr 30, 2009
      Online training is a "new" type of training that doesn't fit into the traditional Boy Scout definitions of training. Online training can be seen as distance education, where the instructor and the student interact asynchronously to meet an educational objective. It contains elements of all three traditional training situations (Group training because the "instructor" -- the person or team who designed the instruction -- is interacting with a large number of students, Personal Coaching because there is the lack of group dynamics, and Self-Study because the student works at his or her own pace). However, it really is its own creature, and in the opinion of many educators, myself included, will be a significant element of the education of the future. (Although hands-on training will still be important in certain situations --ever tried to teach knot tying through distance education?)


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      According to the Leadership Training Committee Guide #34269 there are three types of training situations in Scouting:

      Group Training
      Personal Coaching

      Where does online training fit? Does it fit into one of these three types? Or, is it a new type of training that does not fit the traditional views of the types of training we used in Scouting?

      I am curious how all you trainers look at online training.

      Yours Truly in Scouting,
      Rick Pushies
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