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  • Marty Linn
    Feb 9, 2001
      Okay, I'll start this out. I'm Marty Linn, Assistant Cubmaster for
      Pack 1878 and WeBeLos II Den Leader for another 15 days. I am on
      the District Roundtable Staff and District Training Staff but this
      is my first year on both. Due to my other Scouting hats and family
      schedule, I have only been able to staff one CSBLT session last
      fall but hope to be able to participate more as my son and the
      other Webelos cross into Boy Scouts.

      I have been told that we will begin offering BALOO this spring
      (April) but have not seen anything scheduled or announced yet.
      Thanks to the information that I got from the SCOUTS-L and
      Cub-Scout-Talk list, that I passed on in our District, we had
      a copy of the BALOO sylabus before any announcement came from

      I'm looking forward to the information and ideas that you Scouters
      with more experience with training can share.

      Marty Linn
      Polaris District
      Sam Houston Area Council

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