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3565Information about an Officer in 3rd HLI.

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  • rolt968
    Nov 5, 2008
      Part of this is slightly off topic, but anyadvice woul be useful.

      I'm researching my father's cousin who was commissioned into 3 HLI in
      World War 1.

      I've seen and read his officer's record in the National Archives.

      This is where we go off topic.

      He was mentioned in dispatches in 1918. He was (as he was for all his
      active service) seconded to the King's African Rifles and involved in
      the East African Campaign. I've found the listing of his "mention" in
      the appropriate edition of the London Gazette.

      However none of us knows what his "mention" was for. It's not in his
      officer's record (Although his service medal record is.).

      He served with 3/4 KAR, and 4 KAR seems to be the only WW1 battalion
      for which no regimental history was written.

      For those who don't know, this is even more confusing as the KAR were
      the responsibility of the Colonial Office, not the War Office.

      I've read Van Deventer's actual dispatch about the relevant part of
      the campaign and he doesn't say why he's giving any of the mentions.

      There are a lot of files in the Archives which cover the KAR in
      general which I will try. But am not too hopeful.

      Can anyone think of any other source where I might find out what
      the "mention" was for?