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35621st Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - 12 April 1913 Dinapore, India

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  • David Millan
    Oct 26, 2008
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      A 1st cousin twice removed, Corporal David Simpkins No 310 died at
      Dinapore on 12 April 1913 of syncope, age 24 years 11 months [actually
      25 years 10 days, also I understand that syncope is fainting].

      The informants on 15 April 1913 at Dinapore were Cr Sgt J Gilmour &
      Capt J C Scott, Adjutant.

      Can I assume that being in the 1st that David was a regular?
      There doesn't seem to be much available at the National Archives for
      someone like David who wasn't in WWI and wasn't discharged & the
      regimental web sites don't have anything about the locations/movements
      of the 1st in the past that I can see.

      He appears in the 1891 census in Edinburgh as a 3 year old in the
      family home but although his mother & 2 younger siblings are in the
      1901 census there is no sign of him in Scotland or England. Might he
      have already enlisted?

      Any suggestions or information please?


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