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3543Colonel T. Cadell, Circa 1908

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  • Alexander Good
    Feb 9, 2008
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      Dear List,


      I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of a Colonel

      T. Cadell, who lived around the 1908 timeframe?  I have

      a guidebook from the 1908 Scottish National Exhibition,

      and it lists some of the items loaned for the show. One of

      several items loaned by Colonel Cadell was the King’s colours

      of the 81st Aberdeenshire Regiment, circa 1777-83.


      Does anyone have any idea who this gentleman was? I want

      to say he’s a published author. He certainly was a collector

      of many regimental items. I would dearly like to track down

      his descendants on the off-chance this flag still exists and is

      in their possession. Anyone that’s done research on the American

      War of Independence era regiments will know that there’s a

      general dearth of information, especially for the Highland



      Sincerest Thanks,



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