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3541Re: Fencible Sword Belts

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  • broadsword45
    Jan 13, 2008
      --- In scottish_military@yahoogroups.com, "broadsword45" <boberl@...>
      > Greetings and Happy New Year to all,
      > Officers and Sergeants of Scottish fencible regiments in the 1790s
      > carried their swords on shoulder belts with a small oval belt plate.
      > Can anyone tell me whether the sword belts were white or black
      > Uniform descriptions tell almost everything except the color of the
      > belts.
      > Many thanks,
      > Bob Erlandson
      > Baltimore, MD
      > boberl@...

      Greetings again to all,

      I dug a little further and discovered part of an article from an
      unidentified magazine of indeterminate date that focuses on the
      uniform of the Strathspey Fencibles and says,

      "Officers, sergeants, pipers, drummers and musicians all carried
      steel-hilted broadswords in black leather sheaths, those of the
      drummers being shorter than the others...Oficers shoulder belts were
      of black leather, fastened with an oval gilt plate...The plates of
      the rank and file were brass. The belts of the rank and file were
      also black but these were changed to white in 1794."

      The author gives a detailed description of the SF uniform because it
      is well documented and "to show the details which typical for all the
      Fencible regiments."

      One difference: Broadswords were not universal. I have a backsword
      from the 2nd Battalion Breadalbane Fencibles and have recently bought
      a shoulder belt plate, which is why I was inquiring about the color
      of the belts.
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