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3539Re: [scottish_military] Fencible Sword Belts

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  • bob erlandson
    Jan 11, 2008
      Hi Alex,
      Just read your message as I came to shut down the computer. I'm heading out for Hershey, PA for the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards/Coldstream Guards show.
      I'll be back to you in more details. Yes, I did buy the SBP -- it's the 2nd Bn of the Breadalbane Fencibles and I have the matching sword.
      Donnie Shearer, the Mad Piper, is going to make me a scabbard and shoulder belt for the sword.
      There were two of the SBPs on ebay; one went for much lower than the one I got but I had already bid on it so I didn't bid on the other one.
      I'll be back to you later.
      bob erlandson
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      Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 7:16 PM
      Subject: RE: [scottish_military] Fencible Sword Belts

      Hi Bob,

      I’ve been researching the regiments raised and in existence during the

      American War of Independence, 1775-1784-6ish, for about the last three

      years. The answer, like most uniform issues during that period, is not

      so clear cut. Some had black sword belts, some had white, and some

      had buff. A letter from Normal MacLeod in 1786 to the 2nd/42nd’s new

      commander mentions the men having buff belts and straps in India .

      The Northern Fencibles , 1778-83, per an inspection return, mentions

      white swordbelts. While the 77th Atholl Highlanders, 1777-83, seems

      to have had all black swordbelts. Given that the fencibles were equipped,

      in general, the same as the marching regiments, it really came down to

      what the Colonel or Lt Col Commandant of the regiment wanted.

      The artwork of the period shows the same kind of variation between white,

      buff, and black belts amongst the officers depicted. Though there was a

      general uniformity amongst regiments for their gear in general, it can

      be maddening trying to establish any kind of complete uniformity amongst

      the different corps.

      For the Napoleonic period, some fencible regiments seem to have

      used black swordbelts initially, and then switched to white, after

      the Warrant was changed. I think the Strathspey Fencibles was one

      of these.

      Did you get what I think you got off of Ebay? FYI, some think that this

      was an early 84th RHE item. You might want to talk to 84th guru Kim Stacey,

      who has photos of similar items.

      Shoot me a private email for contact info.


      From: scottish_military@ yahoogroups. com [mailto: scottish_military@ yahoogroups. com ] On Behalf Of broadsword45
      Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 5:34 PM
      To: scottish_military@ yahoogroups. com
      Subject: [scottish_military] Fencible Sword Belts

      Greetings and Happy New Year to all,

      Officers and Sergeants of Scottish fencible regiments in the 1790s
      carried their swords on shoulder belts with a small oval belt plate.

      Can anyone tell me whether the sword belts were white or black leather?

      Uniform descriptions tell almost everything except the color of the

      Many thanks,
      Bob Erlandson
      Baltimore , MD
      boberl@comcast. net

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