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Re: Philadelphia as name

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  • Fionapaton@aol.com
    In a message dated 27/05/00 I found this in the digest:-
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2000
      In a message dated 27/05/00 I found this in the digest:-

      << also I seem to have gg grandmother born 1795 with the first name of
      "Philadelphia" I just thought this was so odd - has anyone else heard of
      this name and how is it pronounced or what could be the origin. >>

      I had a great great grandmother called Philadelphia Hodges (born 1796) who
      married John Johnston in Cape Town, south Africa but she was born in London
      in quite a poor area where St Katherines' Dock now stands and he was born in
      St Cyrus near Montrose, Scotland. They named one of their daughters
      Theodosia and this may have been one of Philadelphia's sisters names. I
      don't know how such elegant names came to be in such an ordinary family.
      Philadelphia means "city of Brotherly love" and Theodosia means "God's gift".
      Both names were pronounced just as they look and nothing in family folklore
      suggests they were shortened to anything else. It's interesting that our
      Philadelphia's were born around the same time so perhaps the name was
      fashionable for a reason. (Called after someone famous?)

      I always wonder how Philadelphia adapted to life in St Cyrus when John
      retired from the Royal Artillary and came home to resume his life as a salmon
      fisher. His family would have met her for the first time and found her
      London accent a bistrange. What she made of their accents I can only guess!!

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