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Re: [scots-origins] early scottish masons

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  • Terry Delany
    Yes according to what I read the Scottish Mason s who had close ties to France exported their form of lodges to France before they took it to America and from
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      Yes according to what I read the Scottish Mason's who had close ties to France exported their form of lodges to France before they took it to America and from what this Susan Grant wrote in her diary her father swore her to secrecy. Interestingly on another Scottish line, William LIndsay of Edinburgh was sent to London with his brother Alexander LIndsay to set up an office of the families export business and then came to Quebec City in the late 1700's. I found in the London Mason's library the original incorporation of the first Mason lodge in Quebec city with his name as secretary. I believe it was dated 1792. It also had all the other officers listed. I thought it interesting that he would have registered with London rather than in Scotland but perhaps it was because he had lived in LOndon prior to coming to Quebec city. Those incorporation records are what I am looking for John
      (Alexander) Grant as he obviously had become a Mason in Scotland.

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      One of the greatest shocks of my life was when I saw and heard how
      open/cavalier masons in America were about their membership. In my part of the
      Highlands it was not spoken of. We knew who was what and who were who. No wee
      motor cars and scooters at parades, and never any wee medals on cars and
      such. It was ll known by the end of the first hand shske.

      I think you are, perhaps, talking the York Rite (English) and the Scottish
      Rite. If I am not mistaken, and I am no expert on the topic, the Scottish
      Rite was begun in France by an ancestor of mine.

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      A direct line ancestor was a member of the Black Watch (Alexander (or/and
      John Grant) and served in Boston before the revolutionary war. We have
      copies of remnants of the diary of his daughter who tells of peeking over the
      banister and watching a masonic meeting led by her Father. When he found out
      the next day he made her kneel and with his sword on her shoulder made her
      promise to never reveal what she had seen and heard that day. I had the
      chance to spend the day at the Boston library (awe inspiring...wonderful old
      building with beautiful domed ceilings) and researched the early Masons in
      Boston. It was very ineresting. I had hoped that he might have been one of
      the founding members of the Boston Masons but the research I did indicated
      that the Scottish military men who were with the British set up their own
      lodges and they were military and it stated that there are essentially no
      records from those military lodges. It also explained that the Scottish mason
      organ ization was very different from the English...they had 39 levels and
      this is the form that most of North America adopted rather than the more
      aristocratic English Mason's who had I think only 6 or 7 levels. Do any of
      you know if there are Scottish records of the early Masons? We would be
      talking early 1700's most likely in Invermere and other parts of the North of
      Scotland. Terry Delany

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