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Re: [scots-origins] MacLellans?

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    ... From: Michelle Gilliland-Olson To: scots-origins@yahoogroups.com Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 2:53 PM Subject: [scots-origins] MacLellans? Gilliland in
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      From: Michelle Gilliland-Olson
      To: scots-origins@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 2:53 PM
      Subject: [scots-origins] MacLellans?

      Gilliland in Memphis, TN, USA...MANY of us in north west Tennessee.

      I've "mostly" found connections to the MacLellan clan from Glengarry,
      west highlands & islands. Though some to MacLennan, as well.

      I'm working hard on our family tree on ancestry.com for my children
      from this USA end.
      hough mostly only finding actual connections in the Tennessee area,
      so far. I'm still trying to connect some dots to North Carolina and
      Kentucky...to where <I hopefully understand correctly> many Ulster
      Scots immigrated.

      I have yet to figure out/document many details to be "sure" before
      adding to the puzzle of this branched out family tree.
      Hello Michelle,

      First of all, what time frame are you speaking about here? 1900s? 1800s?

      As I'm sure many a Scot who is a member of this group can tell you, just
      because your family had the surname GILLILAND and/or MACLELLAN in the USA,
      does not necessarily mean they came from the Highland MACLELLANs, or even
      the Lowland MACLENNANs. In Scotland, prior to arriving in the US, their
      name might not have even been GILLILAND. They may have had another surname,
      but asked for or fell under the protection of the GILLILANDs and/or
      MACLENNANs since the former is a Sept of the latter.

      Also, "Ulster Scots" were actually Lowlanders, not Highlanders. They were
      known a Ullans which is a combination of the word Ulster and the Scots word
      for Lowlands - 'Lallans'. It doesen't take much imagination to think
      someone may use MAC LALLAN as a surname for it would literarily mean 'son of
      the Lowlands'. Then for MACLALLAN to become MACLELLAN even in Scotland, far
      less in a new country.

      Before you make the blind leap to Scotland to find your ancestors, you need
      to make sure you have all your data correct from yourself back to your
      earliest ancestor in [north-west Tennessee?], then you will have to find
      documentation/proof needed to say whether or not that ancestor was a
      transplanted member of the others in TN,ten to the KY and/or NC families
      with the same surname, or came to the US on his own/with his own immediate
      family. You will have to find him/them on a passenger list/ship's manifest.
      It sounds as though you still need a great deal research to do and much
      documentation in the USA, before you ever get to Scotland.

      IF and WHEN you are able to prove your family IS from Scotland, you will
      first have to learn some things about the Scottish Clan system and how they
      operated, as well as learning about patronymics, aliases and perhaps even
      Tee-names, depending on where you are able to prove your ancestors hailed
      from. IF they were truly originally from early 18C Ireland or before, the
      chances are so much greater that their true surnames have been lost in the
      mists of time.

      According to the official list of Clans and their Septs, registered by The
      Court of the Lord Lyon, MACLELLAN is not a Clan. MACLENNAN is an official
      Clan, which presently according the stats on the current web site, is
      without a Clan Chief. MACLELLAN is a Sept of this Lowland Clan and as you
      can see from the web site, there are quite a few ways to spell the
      surname(s). http://www.electricscotland.com/webclans/clanmenu.htm Only
      official Clans are called Clans, all the other names associated with a Clan
      are most often called Septs / families, but they are not "Clans".

      Just in case, check the following to see who IS and who IS NOT entitled to
      use Clan Coats of Arms, Family Crests and Clan Badges.

      Warm regards,
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