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Re: [scots-origins] willingmyre

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    I also had a look - I noticed you quoted englishorigins and had a peek at what you had seen. Personally, I would discount the reference to Scotland. These
    Message 1 of 4 , May 4, 2005
      I also had a look - I noticed you quoted englishorigins and had a peek at
      what you had seen. Personally, I would discount the reference to Scotland.
      These would be London registered apprenticeships. As occupations quite
      often ran through families, possibly the occupation of your earliest John
      Weilenmeir in Philidelphia in 1763 would give a clue to his apprenticeship
      or father's occupation.
      You will find the surname "Willing" and "Meyer/Myer" in English archives

      What interests me is that familysearch and Google brings up Weilenmeir and
      its variations on the America continent only. In the main, the safer
      British ships took migrants to the new continent - why would a British
      captain use a European mainland spelling? I think you need to widen your
      search and look at Dutch, German, Scandinavian countries (I'm thinking of
      the spelling 'Schmeichel' of Denmark). Your ancestor may have been a
      soldier. The Dutch and British army liked to face each other (New York used
      to be New Amsterdam) The British army also consisted of the Hannover army
      from modern day Germany. I can explain the Scandinavian reference - there
      was movement on mainland Europe through migration, not to mention wars with
      Denmark, etc.
      We're lucky with the British census, we find German origins are quoted as
      the country of "Mecklenberg", Hanover, etc. The USA just quotes "Prussia".
      If you haven't already done so, I would advise you also join a few European
      genealogy groups. There is always the possibility that you have 2 surnames
      joined into one, or a surname and the village of origin: - a new life, a new
      name, but in Britain I should think it would be a hyphenated name;

      Good luck,

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      > It looks as though you may have to think very very laterally indeed about
      > variant spelling of WILLINGMYRE (don't give up - I have found 80 separate
      > variant spellings of one name I'm researching).
      > There are just a few Google hits when one searches on the spelling
      > There's not a single one in the IGI on FamilySearch at:
      > http://www.familysearch.org
      > Enter WILLINGMYRE and select region British Isles - zilch. I tried a few
      > variant spellings but still nothing. Have you tried many variant
      > spellings
      > there?
      > And in the Censuses (US 1880, Canada 1881, England & Wales 1881) there are
      > just 5 WILLINGMYREs in the US - it's origin could be almost anything. All
      > were born in the US; a couple of them were in households where the family
      > was born in Prussia.
      > I also tried WILLINGMYRE in the Free Surname Search at ScotlandsPeople at:
      > http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk
      > Nothing.
      > I didn't try variants - perhaps you might do that?>
      > I haven't tried the name or variants in the Search facility at the
      > National
      > Archives of Scotland - might be worth a try.
      > I didn't try the National Archives at Kew (London) - it might be worth a
      > search in their Catalogue?
      > I presume that you are tracing Willingmyre backwards from the present -
      > where do you hit your brickwall?
      > Regards and good luck,
      > JAP
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      > #Looking for the name Willingmyre or any variation in Scotland or UK.
      > #
      > #I am tracking down a lead "The Willingmyres came from Scotland to
      > #this country (USA) prior to the revolution (1776) settling in that
      > #part of Virginia later set off as West Virginia"
      > #
      > #I have traced a John Weilenmeir in Philidelphia in 1763 but no
      > #Willingmyre
      > #
      > #I have not been able to use the www.scotsorigins.com database search
      > #since it seems to require both a first and last name or a last name
      > #and county
      > #
      > #All I have to work with is the name Willingmyre or any variation...
      > #
      > #any suggestions?
      > #
      > #I also found using the search tool at www.oroginsnetwork.com some
      > #recrods of Willingmyre in "apprentices of Great Britain"
      > #
      > #Welcome advice
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