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Re: [scots-origins] Separate Groups??

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  • jod1955
    Hear Hear Drew well put together cheers Jim ... From: To: Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 9:57 PM Subject:
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      Hear Hear Drew well put together
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      Subject: [scots-origins] Separate Groups??

      > Drew Davidson,
      > If my memory serves me correctly, we went through this -maybe about 1 1/2
      > years ago?? I do believe that a 'discussion group' was established.
      Don't ask
      > me what the name is, I don't remember, as I did not join. My interest is
      > 'family'. I don't mind a few off subject discussion, but I feel that
      > are some in the group that just like to see their name in print!! Their
      > one liners, 'private' jokes (that some of us are not privy to), their
      > 'leading' questions (so someone else will start a discussion about
      'nothing') are to
      > my feelings, inappropriate.
      > Perhaps Ian Scott, Andrew, or Maben will remember the name of the 'other'
      > group.
      > I have a problem getting MY feelings printed! I am trying very hard not
      > be too straightforward. (Nasty!!) To me, the paragraph following every
      > in this forum, says it all. READ IT!
      > Wonder if this will make it through the censors?
      > Regards,
      > Anna Wyber Dunne
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