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Invitation to the Bhopal Bus exhibition opening - 4.30-7pm, Wednesday 14th October, Madeira Drive, Brighton

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  • Becky Moss
    THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY BHOPAL BUS EUROPEAN TOUR 2009 An Amnesty International and Bhopal Medical Appeal project Invitation to the Bhopal Bus exhibition opening
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 12, 2009

      An Amnesty International and Bhopal Medical Appeal project

      Invitation to the Bhopal Bus exhibition opening and Brighton send-off
      4.30-7pm, Wednesday 14th October, Madeira Drive, Brighton

      Friends, supporters and press are all invited to this very special
      exhibition opening. The Bhopal bus is about to leave Brighton for Europe.
      We, The Bhopal Medical Appeal (Brighton), Amensty International and the
      International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal are taking the 25th anniversary
      year Bhopal health and justice campaigns into mainland Europe for the first

      The Bhopalis will be speaking of their ongoing struggle for clean water and
      healthcare, the factory clean-up that still hasn’t happened, the very
      current health effects of the gas and contaminated water, and the
      award-winning healthcare provided by the Sambhavna Clinic. We’ll be bringing
      this 25-year old human rights campaign very firmly into the here and now
      with a strong presence at all kinds of events from global human rights
      conferences and high-level political meetings to school and community group
      visits. We’ve got a big screen onboard for film showings and slideshows, and
      two smaller ones for browsing our websites, blogging and donating. We’ll be
      welcoming people onboard for an informal chat over a cup of Bhopali chai and
      encouraging everyone to send an Amnesty postcard to the Indian PM and the
      Dow Chemical CEO.

      For brother and sister, Amir and Safreen, members of ‘Children against
      Carbide’ it will be their first time in Europe. They’re keen to meet
      teenagers and find out about their lives as well as telling them about
      theirs in Bhopal. Sanjay (the late Sunil’s younger brother) told us here at
      the BMA that to have this opportunity to take the justice campaign into
      Europe is unbelievable. You’ll hear more from the Bhopalis in their own
      words by checking the blog as we go on www.bhopalbus.com
      <http://www.bhopalbus.com/> Here you’ll find full details of the Bhopal Bus
      tour with video, photos, the blog, tweets, dates, cities, visits and
      contacts in each country, also the Amnesty e-postcard action page – please
      do visit, better still come and visit us on the bus. Unfortunately due to
      visa restrictions we’ll be picking the Bhopalis up in Germany; they won’t be
      with us on Wednesday. What we can offer you is a good cuppa Bhopali-style
      chai, and a first-look round our onboard exhibition before we set off. We’re
      due back in the UK on the 3rd December, the anniversary day of the gas leak,
      where we’ll be foot to floor to get to London in time for the 25th
      anniversary commemorative event – all invited, please put this date in your
      diaries – details to come from the BMA. And next year, the Bhopal Bus will
      be touring the UK, coming to a school, university or festival bus stop near
      you, starting in Brighton of course!

      About The Bhopal Medical Appeal (BMA)

      The Bhopal Medical Appeal was launched in 1994, when a man from Bhopal came
      to Britain to tell whoever would listen about the terrible condition of the
      still suffering victims of the Union Carbide gas disaster. Those who met him
      learned that after ten years, the survivors had received no meaningful
      medical help. The survivors realised that they must help themselves, because
      nobody else would. They wanted to open their own free clinic for gas
      victims. They were joined in the UK by a few individuals who put the
      mechanics of the Bhopal Medical Appeal together. They were in turn joined in
      this effort by other like-minded people. The Bhopal Medical Appeal moved to
      its new home in the North Laine in January of this year. We’re a thriving
      organisation comprised of a just a handful of employees and volunteers,
      proudly supporting the award-winning Sambhavna Clinic, the only free clinic
      situated in the heart of the gas-affected communities in Bhopal.

      About the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB)

      The Bhopal Medical Appeal is part of and works closely with the
      International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, a coalition of people's
      organisations, non-profit groups and individuals who have joined forces to
      campaign for justice for the survivors of the Union Carbide gas disaster in
      Bhopal. Three organisations of survivors from Bhopal play a leading role in
      the international network. Members of the ICJB continue to pressure Union
      Carbide's current owner The Dow Chemical Company and the US and Indian
      governments to provide adequate healthcare, a safe environment and proper
      rehabilitation for the survivors of the disaster and their children.
      Exemplary punishment of the Dow Chemical Corporation and its guilty
      officials is one of the key demands of ICJB.

      Who’s on the Bhopal Bus?

      Please see www.bhopalbus.com <http://www.bhopalbus.com/> for pics and full

      Safreen Khan – Children Against Carbide, Bhopal

      Amir Khan – Children Against Carbide, Bhopal

      Sanjay Verma – International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal

      Dharmesh Shah – International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal

      Rachna Dhingra – Bhopal Group for Information & Action

      Sathyu Sarangi – Bhopal Group for Information & Action

      Liz Campbell – The Bhopal Medical Appeal

      Becky Moss – The Bhopal Medical Appeal

      Tim Edwards – International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal


      The Bhopal Medical Appeal

      Peter Finnigan, Executive Secretary

      Liz Campbell, Tour Manager

      Becky Moss, Tour Manager

      The International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal
      Tim Edwards – ICJB spokesperson, UK

      You can contact us all at THE BHOPAL MEDICAL APPEAL (BMA)
      01273 603278 admin@...

      www.bhopal.org <http://www.bhopal.org/> / www.bhopal.net

      The Bhopal Medical Appeal
      Unit 2, The Foundry
      8/9 St George's Mews
      Brighton BN1 4EU

      Registered charity number: 1117526
      Freephone donations: 0800 316 5577


      Further information


      * To take the 25th anniversary year Bhopal health and justice
      campaigns, and associated issues into communities, universities and events
      in the UK and mainland Europe.
      * To enable Bhopalis to talk directly to European communities and
      * To broaden and deepen the ICJB and the BMA’s relationships with
      like-minded organisations.


      * To develop the UK and European supporter / donor base
      * Raise funds for the BMA
      * Bring increased local pressure on the Dow Chemical Company
      * Inspire student campaigning on Bhopal and corporate accountability
      in general
      * Partner with organisations campaigning on corporate accountability
      and health, human rights and environmental issues
      * Make Bhopal a persistent European presence in 2009/10



      * Corporate impunity leads to the violation of numerous rights
      * Insufficiencies in international law lead to gross injustices


      * Corporate-impacted communities are able to reclaim rights and
      dignity through determined, creative compassionate interventions
      * The smallest contributions to these efforts can make a difference
      * Hard-won knowledge can be shared
      * Solidarity between organisations and ordinary people across borders
      can achieve miracles


      The bus can operate as a stand-alone event in itself and/or can support
      events / conferences / meetings with the following:

      - Cinema (internal and external)

      - Onboard exhibition

      - Café (external – marquee space)

      - Meeting space

      - Rolling justice and health campaign

      - Speaking venue

      - Mobile advert


      - Launching AI’s Demand Dignity campaign in each country (Germany, Italy,
      The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark returning to the UK for the
      commemoration event in London on the evening of Thursday 3rd December –
      please put this date in your diairies)

      - Demonstrations / protests at Dow factories and offices

      - AI country directors’ meeting (Denmark)

      - Human rights conferences

      - Political meetings

      - Global climate change conference http://en.cop15.dk/about+cop15 – the bus
      will stand outside this venue on the 28th Nov in Copenhagen, Denmark and the
      bus exhibition will be open to delegates during breaks

      - Universities & schools

      - Festivals (arts and music, local authority)

      - Campaign events

      - Communities impacted by corporate crime / environmental pollution

      - Bhopal / Amnesty supporters & activists with a focus on youth groups

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