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Sandworms Wraps Dune Cycle

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  • Tracey de Morsella (formerly Tracey L. M
    Sandworms Wraps Dune Cycle Best-selling SF author Brian Herbert—whose latest novel (co-authored with Kevin J. Anderson), Sandworms of Dune, is the SCI FI
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2007
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      Sandworms Wraps Dune Cycle

      Best-selling SF author Brian Herbert—whose latest novel (co-authored
      with Kevin J. Anderson), Sandworms of Dune, is the SCI FI Essential book
      for August—told SCI FI Wire that the book is the grand conclusion to
      Frank Herbert's original Dune cycle.

      "[Sandworms of Dune] follows our heroes as they flee across the
      universe, being chased by an unknown force," Brian Herbert said in an
      interview. "In Hunters of Dune—the first book of [the] grand finale—we
      reveal one of the great secrets, and [now] in Sandworms of Dune we
      reveal another very big secret that was never revealed by Frank Herbert."

      Sandworms features many of the characters from the first Dune book, but
      because thousands of years have passed since then, they are actually
      "gholas"—clones of the original characters, Brian Herbert said. "They
      have been re-created from cellular material, but they have some of the
      same characteristics of the originals," he said.

      Back in the 1950s and '60s, Frank Herbert had been unable to sell
      several mystery stories he'd written, so it was suitable that he was
      able to spin a great mystery into his last Dune novel, Chapterhouse
      Dune, Herbert said. "The mystery was that some great powerful force is
      chasing the Honored Matres across the universe," he said. "In turn the
      Honored Matres are chasing the Bene Gesserit. It's this great science
      fiction mystery, and I think a lot of Dune fans will know what I am
      talking about without any more elaboration."

      When Frank Herbert died in 1986, his son Brian did not know the answer
      to that mystery, he said. "I didn't know what was chasing the Honored
      Matres, what this horrible force was that could destroy these women who
      were so vicious and so powerful," Brian Herbert said. "But 11 years
      after Dad died I found these notes—there are about 30 or 35 pages of
      notes—and with those notes Kevin J. Anderson and I were able to craft
      the story that Frank Herbert had not been able to write."

      In rereading the Dune books written by his father, Herbert found certain
      details that reminded him of their father-son relationship, he said.
      "I'm not very much like Paul, but I see a lot of Duke Leto in my
      father," Herbert said. "I see a lot of him as I reread the books, so
      it's rewarding in that regard [even] without writing them."

      Herbert and Anderson are currently working on the first in a new series
      of Dune books—Paul of Dune—which will take place between Dune and Dune
      Messiah, Herbert said. "There's a 12-year period in which Paul Atreides
      is the emperor of the universe, and there's this great jihad that takes
      place in his name, and billions of people are killed," Herbert said. "So
      we're setting it in that time period during that jihad, when all this
      violence is occurring around Paul, and there will be some backstory
      [exploring his youth]." —John Joseph Adams
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