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79900Re: [science-fiction] If an Alien fleet were on its way to Earth...........

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  • Chocolate Lover
    Jun 12, 2014
      'Barry H.' nebarry@... [sciencefictiongroup] wrote:

      On 6/12/2014 1:31 AM, Chocolate Lover chocolatelover@...
      [sciencefictiongroup] wrote:
      > So say there is a huge fleet of alien ships on the far edges of our
      > solar system. They are not sure where they are going but governments
      > are told they could possibly be flying past and slip by Earth, but they
      > are just not sure..
      > Then as the months roll on the fleet is closer and looks like it's
      > headed for Earth.
      > They then get communications from the aliens asking if they can land and
      > start negotiations, negotiations to leave their ships and live on
      > Earth........
      > Do you see this going very well if it were to happen for real?
      > Or would world leaders mess this up?
      > I'll probably freak out a bit. The stock market would collapse.......
      > Money would mean nothing anymore.
      > I don't see this ending very well if it were to happen.

      No technologically inferior culture has ever survived contact with a
      technologically advanced one in recorded history. Think of the Native
      Americans and the Pacific Islanders. Oh, they don't immediately
      collapse, but it's not long until their culture irrevocably changes. No
      native Americans are going to go back to living as their ancestors did
      before the Europeans came. They may attempt to preserve certain aspects
      of traditional culture and language, but that's museum quality. Pickup
      trucks are better than horses for long distance travel, steel axes are
      better than chipped flint, and guns are a lot better for hunting than
      bows and arrows (not to mention that Wawa and the local supermarket are
      a lot better for food than subsistence farming and hunter-gathering).

      So I think you are right. Even if the aliens were peaceful (and I have
      argued before that alien invasion makes little sense to a class 1
      civilization or above), who's going to want earth computers if we can
      get alien tech that's a billion times faster and more flexible than than
      our best supercomputers, and are the size of our phones, or guns if they
      have energy weapons that can be set only to destroy specific targets
      (enter the range: humanoid, taller than 5'6', heavier than 125 lbs.,
      carrying at least 2 pounds of metal, and it will only kill someone
      fitting that description. Accidentally kill a child? Not going to
      happen...). Business models out the door, and our most cherished
      economic and political assumptions right with them.

      Others argue that at least the advanced nations of the planet have a
      sufficiently strong cultural and technological cohesion as to adapt
      without major compromise of culture and values and possibly even the
      politico-economic, but who knows?

      See that's the thing. I suspect all of what you said would happen. Maybe not war but chaos and a bit of anarchy.......

      I just finished reading "AD After Disclosure" by the two guys that wrote the TV show Dark Skies and that made me think if they do come here even with peaceful intentions to live...... It's not going to be a pretty picture for us as everything changes.......

      Also more recently Defiance but that isn't that good a place to draw ideas from even though I like the show.... But the book is what got me thinking on this more.......

      Thankyou for your thoughts.

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